Bill Sullivan        A View To A Killing



There he sat, in the midst of a pile of manure, which he had been spreading about as fertilizer. He ate food as if there was nothing untoward about it at all. I just noticed the dichotomy. There he sat putting supposedly clean food in while all around him was that which come out as excrement. I got that feeling again as I watched the senior medical director of planned Parent hood sip wine and eat lunch as she explained how they are careful to crush the head of the baby and only grab areas that saves the valuable organs and limbs which later can be sold. She set the price for each body part between $30 and a $100 dollars. After her Planned Parenthood group was accused of running and undercover secret market of baby parts selling, Cecile Richards came out an apologized; but only for the tone of the medial director.


Everyone can understand the seeming catch 22 of a woman having to choose between saving her life or the life of her child. Many even see room for compassion towards those who get pregnant as very young girls or by reason of incest.  But even if you toss these aside about 99% of all abortions are for convenience. It is too much trouble. It will slow down my climb up the ladder of success. Even that is not gruesome enough for some to reconsider their 1970s style view of taking the life of the unborn. Then people thought of them as just blogs of flesh. Now the younger individuals in society no longer believe that. The science in incontrovertible, that the unborn have the same DNA as they do when they are born. If you could read the DNA perfectly you could make a picture of the child as it would be, say at 2 years old or 21. You could know what swagger he or she would walk and much of the way they would talk. What the 1970 style thinkers and the younger set cannot abide is seeing such callous looking, speaking and acts about human parts as though they are just commodities to be traded.

In a way this view itself is like the man sitting and eating on top of the pile of poop and unmindful of its origins. The death of the baby itself is a tragedy. It is not just about selling the parts. Ask the animal rights people, which is more important, killing the whales of selling blubber? We have all been like the proverbial frog being heated; but only with the liquid of propaganda. We hear from the best of reporters things like, those babies were “potential life.” If they were dead already or inhuman, there would be no problem. What type of people are we? Are we better than Joseph Mengele who said, The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” Just think what we all use to think as the most innocent and parents would die to protect, now many will do almost anything to kill; mostly for convenience but now also for profit.



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