No  real Christian who does not believe in murder should ever support Hillary or anyone that would kill babies up and until birth as she does. Can you imagine how that conversation would go in an argument with Jesus, when he comes? The person who claims they had no way of knowing, will then  show themselves a liar also. Yet Satan is said by God himself to seal the sum, full of wisdom. He had all that was given. Wiser than DANIEL and no secret they can hide from him, God said. But people think they have it figured out with the lesser evil logic, this election. Both sides use it and Satan must be laughing is butt off.  But he has a secret and it is not what you think it is.

SATAN want people to think this election is so important that they have to vote for EVIL. That is a LIE!  Satan prefers Trump as I have demonstrated in the past. That demonstration was not based upon a GUESS but illustrated facts.

1. Hillary could never have gotten decent folk to support evil. TRUMP can. He can keep saying different things until Christians accept something, while he means none of it. Hillary cannot do that with the Godly folk. Trump can and have done so. 

2. Hillary could not ever have made decent folk give dictatorial power to Reince Priebus. Trump did.

3. Hillary could not even have made Conservatives accept amnesty. TRUMP DID, as Rush said. But when enough Hispanics did not immediately move his way,  he backed off.

4. Hillary could never have made conservatives accept the idea that planned Parenthood does great work. Trump did.

5. Hillary could never have made people think Pamela Geller should put herself under Sharia law. TRUMP DID and then she turned to him too. She never would have done that for Hillary.

6. Trump talked about banning people via religion. Hillary cannot and would not do that. Trump said it, and meant it. So-called Christians think it is good. NOT KNOWING that SATAN IS AFTER THEM; and if this principle is ever accepted, it WILL BE USED against Christians.

7. Hillary could never have said that a Christian should OBEY the Supreme Court of lose their business or Job and STILL get the Christian support. TRUMP DID. (This is a mark of the beast type move)

8. If Hillary had done all the above, NO ONE would have been deceived into thinking that she was a savior of Christianity. TRUMP HAS DONE SO and FOOLED the Christians.

9. Trump said in the 2nd debate that he would use the justice department to go after his opponent. Many cheered, not knowing that if he can do this, it would be corruption and he could use it over and over. Again he backed off after someone later told him better. This is the way of Tyranny. Once that way is accepted he can use to persecute principled Christians who did not support him, which is his normal way. His worshipers would support him in this but not Hillary.

Hillary is not the first choice of SATAN. TRUMP IS. Not because Trump is worse than Hillary. He is not personally worse. IT IS BECAUSE SATAN CAN DO THIS AND MUCH MORE THROUGH TRUMP. He can have people like me persecuted via Trump and the Trump worshipers will go along. They have long sold their souls by:

1. When he lies, they will obfuscate, stretch, twist or Jump to make him right. Then they will promote that LIE.

2. When he slanders, they help him push the slander.

3, When he bears false witness, they helped him push the false witness.

4. When he changes values, they change. Then they claim they have no choice because Satan have convinced them Hillary is the one that can do all this. She cannot.

In short, this is what TRUMP is doing in the Republican party by eroding it from the inside. He is CONVERTING a part OF THE HERETOFORE Godly folk to TRUMP FOLK. They have cast behind their backs the WORDS of God for the words of trump. He is devastating and making it impossible for evangelicals to be taken seriously when they CLAIM they are against the immoral things that he has said and done. It has become meaningless. Because he had proven they believe none of it enough to stand for it. And he is not finished. If he wins, he no longer has to play nice to people like me and then it is too late. Hillary is but a head fake by the DEVIL that he will gladly take, but Trump is his masterpiece.

 God said, "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

If my people call themselves by my name, brag about how God can do anything, Pray and seek the face of Trump and elevate him in his wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forget that I told you to repent of sin and make American Great again.

But it does not matter because, when man wants something very bad he ignores all that God instructed him to consider in choosing a leader. Then he will help that supposed leader to do evil. There is little chance of turning back without complete repentance. And there is a lot of chances of pulling many other people in, because people tend to go along with the many and not the few walking the narrow path. I lose friends because I tell them not what they want to hear. And of all that I tell them, all they have to do is look back and see it is happening or have happened already. The stuff that can come when he is a 1,000 times more powerful is more than you would ever want to know. Pray for all the leaders and Trump and even Hillary; that they might truly repent of the trickery and lies in their hearts.


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