Bill Sullivan     The Pope Is Right About This

THE POPE gets this one right; although I wonder why he chooses to use the word colonization. Why? Because when the world uses the word colonialism, they are usually talking ONLY about European, British and American colonialism. You see the world hates that. On the other hand it appears to love Muslim colonialism. But he gets this one right, when he says the gender identification movement in the nations is a Global attack on marriage and the family. There is much more detail about what this is really all about. For Christians, the below is what to remember so that you might understand the matter better. This is especially true for the citizens of the USA.

In the beginning God created MAN, male and female.  They were to IMAGE God and show the LIKENESS of God. This is the whole plan for mankind. It leads to the end result of all the practicing and learning of the way of God; which is to become an immortal being, with the very eternal life of God in them.

Man in the dual form (Male and Female) comes together as ONE to create new beings in their family, in their image, after their likeness. This IMAGES and is a LIVING out of the plan of God to reproduce himself in man. That takes both male and female. Satan can thus, do all he can to say, IN YOUR FACE to YHVH God.  There are many who have no clue of what they are advocating.


THE USA, because it is the one country that is founded upon the sure foundation of Revelation = Natural law = Science (R=N=S), destroys its very foundation by pushing the gender identity theories. How? Well the country was not founded on the idea that might makes right. In fact they were not as mighty as Great Britain. It was and is the IDEA of natural unalienable rights. The IDEA that you and every one can see in nature, SELF EVIDENTLY, what the True God has created,  because it is clearly seen; and is logical and demonstrable. In fact once you do that, it does not matter if you are an Atheist or other religions. It protects you too, because when the principle is followed, it is no longer about what any group of men think, whether they are religious or not. It is the harmonizing point for everyone. Get it? That idea does not even allow any secular or religious entity to impose their way upon others that are outside of natural law. It was the laws of nature by which the Founders explained in the Declaration of independence, that any people had a right to dissolve any government which violated them. It was their contention that those same people always have a right to form a new government that would protect those natural, inalienable rights. If rights can be created and destroyed by man, they cannot be immutable or inalienable. It is the foundation of tyranny.

Thus if man can NOW create new unnatural rights and force others to obey, he will have usurped the power of God as revealed in the laws of nature. They are gathering to themselves powers that the founders said MEN do not have. They then can alienate any natural right they choose and force men under penalty of unconstitutional law to violate their conscience to alleviate the conscience of those making unnatural choices. Under our system states may allow people to do whatever they choose not to police; but they have no Constitutional power to force upon others or upon any American any thing that is against natural law. Most people in American society no longer even understand this.

** This is why I submitted two Constitutional Amendments to be considered by the Convention of States movement. It is this foundational principle that repairs the breach and would solve most of the problems caused about unconstitutional court decision and legislatures who think their power has no limits, except their own mind.
Those amendments can be seen at the link below.



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