TED CRUZ is not stupid. He knew he would lose some support for supporting Trump after what he says was much prayer. Of course he has his own conscience and I have mine. It s not like some people say, he had to do it or lose all hope of the presidency for ever. That would be up to the American people. Here is something else that ONLY he may have had to consider and is real. Remember I told you that they were setting him up into a catch22 situation. You either bow to Trump and support him and lose the support of your most ardent supporters of principles; or if Trump loses, we blame you and your principle movement for possibly a generation. Now you can sit still and trust that the conservatives will eventually come to their senses or you can come up with a plan which you cannot openly tell anyone about. Cruz is taking a hit from some of his supporters as the Establishment assumed he would. They must be very happy. Yet Cruz is brilliant and I would suggest that we might do well to think deeper. Just like an unprincipled guy like Trump does not suddenly kick off all his unprincipleness because he is running for office; neither does a principled person lose all his principles because he lost an office. Considering all of what I said and what I have heard, I will make the reader aware a couple of informed possibilities:

1. I hear he was told that if Trump wins, he FINALLY said that A list of people Cruz approves of will be the ONLY ones from which he will choose nominees for the court. That all by itself MIGHT be enough for Cruz...


2. Maybe he actually believes Trump will lose and KNOWS they intended to BLAME IT ON HIM and principled conservatives.. This way, they cannot have a scapegoat.... You see they do not care what I do, but by getting at Cruz, they would figure to take down all principled conservatives. I think he may have felt like his was a harder situation to deal with; one if dealt with in certain ways, could hinder or help the conservative movement in the future. This for him might come out of TWO concepts mentioned by Christ:


(b) Make friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness, so that when you fail, they might receive you to continual habitations.

** If it turns out that Trump loses, it will look Genius. The RNC and Trump would have a much harder time blaming principled ones, many of whom considered Cruz a leader.

** If he wins, they will have no excuse for opposing EVERY THING he does, stopping much legislation just to destroy the Godly principled movement. I think these are likely things he considered. Things ONLY HE had to consider. I do not have this conflict.. Thus I WILL never support either Trump or Hillary. But I appreciate his seeming dilemma. He will lose some support from others.... Nothing would have been pathetic about Cruz NOT supporting Trump as some claim. Yet, if those are things that he got Trump to concede on about the court; Or if he can defeat their designs to blame principled Conservatives if there is a possible Trump lost. Then all #NeverTrump adherents should still be obligated to do what they think best on their end. Because he could not come out and tell you this is what he is doing. But it is definitely the effect of his actions. So, take advantage of it.

#tedcruz #NeverEvil

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