Bill Sullivan     THE CASTRO ERROR

Speaking of Fidel Castro and what he represented; there are a lot of Americans who do not understand what American really stands for nor why it came to be that way. They do not realize that Americans early on became and open minded laboratory for Utopian ideas that do not work

A few years ago as I was teaching in High School, I found the kids to be fascinated with information about the basis of our government and its institutions. It was as though what they had heard was that we have chosen just one of other equal ways. Other people have their way and all ways were just a matter of choice. Socialism and communism was just as good as and sometimes better than capitalism. They, ignorantly or intentionally, never heard that those two ways of government sought to replace God’s way of each individual reaping what they sow; nor did they know the historical results of acting out these ideas in government. They didn’t know that the early American settlers tried dozens of experimental villages and towns based upon every variant of communism that you can imagine. They also had somehow come to believe that the USA was not in anyway special; in fact it was the cause of much of the trouble of the world. It, in the eyes of some, had done more evil than good. It, I say and the white man of course was and is the world’s problem. While it is ok to contemplate all things and those things that need changing, it is another thing to go around holding yourself or others guilty of things they did not do. It is equally of no good use or good result to misunderstand your place in history. This lack of understanding sets a stage for some less stable folk, looking for meaning and a place to fit in, to get into things like, racism or Jihadism.


There is something about the failed ideas of communism that holds a sway over even intelligent people. Sometimes the true believers are among the so-called most successful and rich among us. It seems to me that most of those kind of so-called successful people are those that depend more directly upon the masses. People like actors, entertainers or and those in academia. Others who actually have had to build something, seems less susceptible. Yet as mentioned above, in the early days of the country, they literally tried every thing you can imagine. Some of those communities became really famous, even unto Europe. The early founders figured out that without ownership and what we call capitalism, every thing eventually goes to potty. It is a human nature thing. Its opposite seems to be in a lot of the DNA of Americans. But there have always been those who think they can get around human nature. To actually get to the point in other nations of going against human nature and the rule of each person reaping what they sow, have often taken trickery, treachery and Tyranny; the literal taking of the labor of one to give to another to gain their loyalty and political power. That was Fidel Castro. It is a shame that so many miss-guided American idolized him.

There are some other places and countries which seem to have acquired something different in their DNA. Castro’s Cuba is still in the hands of his brother. Many with the Freedom DNA have left Cuba. We cannot tell yet, what will become of it. China, for instance, has began using Capitalism to some degree and have become more successful in the marketplace, the acquired socialist DNA is hard to erase, So has been the Tyranny in that country of at least the second largest number of Christians in the world. Getting the freedom gene (idea rather) back and the responsibility that makes for a better society is another work entirely. See the video below.



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