How do you create a being with free will that is guaranteed never, ever to rebel or sin again? When he is finished, there will never be another Satan; and no, he will not go around for billions of years forgiving any new sins.
Too many of those claiming to be Christians, love their sins so much they want to keep them and so will rarely if ever say anything bad about sins at all, particularly their own.
The way many professing Christians understand the concept of “in Christ” is you become a new creation, made in the image of God as philosophy only. In other world it is just a way of “thinking.” So they like to post things like, “I am just another sinner, saved by grace.” In other words, I am just a regular human being; doing what humans do and God will forgive me because I said the magic sinner’s prayer. Now Listen carefully, God says in the last days there would be those with a
FORM of Godliness but deny the power of it. What power of it?  Well, when God talks about a new creation, it is not philosophical, but a physical and Spiritual reality.  He has instigated a process that will end up with certain people being made into immortal beings. It starts first with you developing Character. He did not want another group of super beings running around with free will without any good character.
So what we see in Genesis is that God decided to put a
stop to the old universe. Then decided to go through a process that pleases him of creating individual personal beings with free will that is guaranteed not to sin. How, pray-tell can you do that? Since God is the one person that is guaranteed not to sin. God decided to reproduce himself. That is what
"Let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness" is all about.  The he took the man and made him male and female to ACT OUT that plan in their own relationship by making children in their own image and after their own likeness.

While acting out this process of making new beings; many takes information that come from him (DNA programming) Places it with the information (DNA) in the woman. A growing child is produced inside her, where it feed and grows: And if it is not aborted; over time it comes out as a newly born, self living being.

This is the analogy in man of what God is doing to reproduce himself in the form of man. Put information in the MIND of man by his spirit. That information (
The Gospel) works with the information in that man so that he can possibly accept it. If he does, he becomes a growing being in the woman (The church) Also if not aborted; at an appointed time it become a life giving spirit being. He goes from Mortal to immortal being.
(1 cor. 15:35-54)

So understand that what the Apostle Paul is saying in 1 cor. 15. is the same thing
  as Jesus said when he told Nicodemus, YOU MUST be born again. You have to not only be born of the water. (Normal human birth) But you must be born of the SPIRIT… That which is born or flesh humans is a fleshy human.. But that which is born of Spirit, according to Yeshua (Jesus) will be like the wind (John 3:1-8). He or she can then come and go and you cannot tell where it came from and where it is going. Just like Jesus did with his disciples AFTER HIS RESURRECTION. He could just appear or walk through a rock or wall. Not because he was dead... but because he was more ALIVE than you can imagine.

So we are kind of using a misnomer, if we do not fully understand. It is JESUS who has been born again, right now. We only become partaker of his born again experience. One day, we will become born of the Spirit ourselves and be made just like him.

Now comes the free will secret of the future ages..
 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remains in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.  (1 john 3:9)
The truth above is why we see things in scripture like. That which may be known of God is clearly seen and … and goes on to say that they are made manifest by the things that are made. In other words God has set it right before our eyes in creation; so that everyone is without excuse.
  Yet for free will sake, he wants us to care enough that we seek. If you seek you SHALL find. That is a promise.

Another scripture says; I WILL LIVE IN THEM AND WALK IN THEM..
  So we say things about our children like: That is little Bill right there or he is the spitting image of his mother.

Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. (Rev. 21:7) NIV

 So we are having the very same Spirit that created the universe as a gift, by which you can overcome the world by your trust in God. The secret is that just like he died for you; you are supposed to love him enough that you rather die before you displease him. When you are in that mindset, you do not have to have any power. It will be given you, EVERY TIME. God does not want to take away all problems and temptations and struggles. That struggle is the fire that helps us get rid of the dross so that we and our character will be as pure in the site of God as gold. If any man claims to be a Christian but says that he or she MUST sin, they are ignorant at best and thus weakened by mistrust of God; or is a Liar. Which brings us to the point, right now, what is a Christian, really? He is a man in the process of being totally being transformed into the image of God. Not philosophically but actually becoming a NEW CREATION: A SUPER BEING that will inherit everything and become the new Rulers of the whole universe. This includes telling Angels what to do and managing all new things that maybe created in the eons to come. Is it worth it to you? It is to me!




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