Bill Sullivan     SATAN,  HILLARY, TRUMP, America And The Rest Of Us

I have already shown things that Trump has done and can finish doing to destroy principled Constitutional conservatism out of the Republican party. I named things that Hillary could never do. Remember Trump could do it by dividing them.  Then he can CONVERT the win at all cost portion to progressives lite. Of course as he is already trying to do; he could PURGE or DESTROY the principled conservatives.
Now I will put all that aside and just consider the things that Hillary might be able to do and compare those things to Trump:
1. If you say Republicans have no will to stop people Hillary will nominate for the courts, then they certainly will have no will to stop their own guy.
  Even if he was to nominate his sister, he will get more votes than Hillary. He will also get the democrats.
2. Lets say there are 100 other things Hillary wants to do. She certainly cannot do what Obama did and get away with it. She will get at least 97% opposition for Republicans. She would stir up the opposition of and strengthen Conservatism. She would have to over come the people as the republicans will keep them somewhat informed, even Fox News... And consider the 19 SCOTUS cases they won against Obama; MAJOR CASES, will also be in her way. She will be lucky to get maybe 15% or 15 things out of a 100 she wants.. Even that would have to be tricky and not be very major. She cannot take away the second amendment, for instance. No matter how much she wants to. Republicans would oppose her. They would play the part of the opposition, if only to maintain their own power.

3. Let us, leave OFF the fact Trump is trying to get rid of principled conservatives. Let us say all things being equal Trump only want 50 of those 100 progressive things Hillary wants.. So you might say he is TWICE better than Hillary, right? Here again would be the problem.
  No one could stop him. He would be the leader of his party, whenever he decides to do the progressive stuff he really believes in. That changes every thing.
(B) The smaller number of true conservatives could not stop him. WHY? The larger number of Progressive Republicans and NEARLY ALL democrats would almost ALWAYS support him in getting any progressive thing he wanted passed..

Instead of passing, maybe, 15 liberal / progressive bills, like Hillary could. He is likely to get all 50 done. There would be no real opposition. Even if you believe 75% of the republicans were very conservatives, with democrats, he could still pass any progressive thing he wanted. Hillary could not. But I THINK he would build a wall. If I was Satan I would see to it that he built that wall. Some conservatives would then absolve him of any thing and darn near grant him sainthood. Although, at this point it may not matter; most of his Republican fans would stick to him anyway. They will have sold out to him; taking on what he stands for. So now is the time to realize, that TRUMP must lose.

Do you really believe there is a SATAN? Do you really believe that he sealed the sum full of wisdom, as scripture says? It that is the case, he apparently received all that was being given out. He is much smarter than are human beings. And he has worked this just right to win either way. But his biggest win, would be with TRUMP, all the way around. Pray regardless. Pray for both Trump and Clinton; that God will push them even more so that they might repent. Repentance by either one that wins would totally throw Satan into some planned C that would not be so devastating for America.

**** If you want to know the kind of things that Trump can do that Hillary can the video below.....



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