How do you present a prophecy that is absolute proof of God while being useful to people of all generations? If it is to happen over a long time, people cannot be allowed to fully understand it or others will say it was self fulfilling by the believer. Well, here are some things that you would have to do.

 1. Make sure no one understood certain parts until the time came and the prophecy was close to complete; so that the preserved documents constitutes proof.

 2. People must not have understood enough of it so that men could make it happen themselves; self fulfilling.

 3. Must last or be relevant to all generations

 4. Must eventually be seen by the final generation more clearly of those who takes it seriously and:

 5. Cannot have meant more than one set of events.

6. Those events must have been one time happenings and such that no one would ever have been able to guess them or cause them to happen.

 7. A human predictor should not have had a monetary profit in the prediction.


2500 years ago Daniel said that there would be 4 Kingdoms that would occupy much of the Middle East, Europe and concern God’s people (Not just natural Jews)

 1 Babylon

 2 media Persia

 3 Greece….. Then there would be a 4th kingdom during which the Messiah would be killed. The kingdom was not given a name by Daniel in chapters TWO and SEVEN. It would have great Iron teeth and 10 horns and would somehow last until the second coming of the Messiah. That is when the Messiah would come back and take over the world. All of this was told centuries before Messiah came the first time; an exact date was given for the first coming by Daniel. ALSO:


(A)  This Kingdom must last until the second coming. HOW COULD IT BE? How could this 4th kingdom last until the end?

 John in the Book of Revelation shows that this 4th Kingdom, ROME, would have 7 heads (REVIVALS) the 7th would mean the 8th installment of ROME….Christ would come back during the time of this EIGHTH installment.
(B) A little religious horn would join this empire after the first head (installment) of Rome and exercise the same power as the kings. It would changes the laws of God and (Moedeem) times of celebration. It would persecute people of God unto death and last until Christ comes back.

(C) Note: Although Muslims eventually took over for a time one leg of the Roman Empire. And as could be expected being part of the fabric of the prophecy, it also:
1. Spoke great swelling words against the most high
2.changed the feasts of YHVH
3. Persecutes the people of God
4.and did many things as one of many antichrists
HERE IS WHY THEY CAN NOT FULFILL the prophecies of the beast and false prophet and harlot that deceives the world.
(a) The beast is the 7 times revival of the Roman Empire, making a total of Eight. The Muslims were not there for the Fist Rome; the fall of Rome; nor the revival of Rome. It came later. Although it has tried, it would have had to take over Rome, all 7 times.
(b) Their conversion method is force and not direct persuasion. In short, they are against Christ as the almighty and only way to salvation but by force primarily. Their peace is submission by all others.
(c) Their prophet (little horn) does not last until all generations until Christ comes
(d) There is no struggle between mosque and state as is depicted between the beast (Roman temporal rulers) and the religious system.
(e) There religious system is not a harlot in the sense that they never belonged to YHVH but to Allah.
(f) The people of God freely partake of the mystery Babylon religion mix with Christianity in another system NOT ISLAM. The church of God is freely in the corrupt harlot system and God is calling her out of it. This cannot be Islam. (There are more of these facts)

* Do not be deceived by those who try hard to exonerate the real beast /harlot/false prophet system. Remember Satan is smarter than men and deceives the whole world.


We know now these events have taken more than 2500 years. No one could have, would have or even would want to try such a prediction during the time of Daniel. Nor could any man understand what it really meant until enough had happen for them to see the pattern. BY THE WAY, The great scientist SIR ISAAC NEWTON… understood much of this pattern and explains some of it even in the 1700s. It was still too early for him to see as clearly as we should. All of history from the time of Christ until now also fits right in with this truth.
#Neverevil #DoNotBeDeceived





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