Bill Sullivan     OUT OF DARKNESS  Police brutality

IT IS WRITTEN that the rage of man DOES NOT work the righteousness of God.

It is interesting how history shows times when members of all races and religions or non religions became enraged and went about doing unrighteous things. Looking back and knowing all the facts, there were times when the anger was justified. There were times when people should have gotten angry and did not. Then there were the times where there were no real reasons except one Satan himself would cheer on.

We all know that in every profession there are evil folk in it that will do anything. No one has found a way to perfectly weed out these folk. The same is true about Police officers.

Yet, have you ever considered how few of the literally hundreds of millions of contacts officers have with people of all races each year have a bad ending? I once showed how about 900 thousand officers across the nation, making and average of only 3 contacts a day, actually encounter the citizen about 2.7 million times a day multiply that by 365 days a year and you get very nearly a billion contacts a year. Out of all those contacts you get maybe less than a dozen bad cases a year. That is extraordinary. Of course when a bad case happens, various people of good will or those with agendas will make sure it goes viral with the public. When they are finished, many will think cops are killing people around every corner and the people will forget the other more than 900 million good encounters.

 About twice as many whites are killed by officers than are blacks. Yet more blacks without guns are killed. Blacks also are the ones who kill 47% of police officers by taking the officers guns or with other objects. There is that tension on both sides because of these truths. There is a solution but not one that is fueled by rage. And it is not training or talking to white people alone, Hillary. The solution is so simple that it will not allow for political agendas. I talk about that in the video below.


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