THE 7TH HEAD of the beast of Revelation (The last of the Holy Roman Empire) is all but in place. It needs a transforming leader. As I have written in the past, everyone is excited about BreXit but is it is not only about freedom of Britain. It is also about the Freedom of the EU and Germany to reset the beast and go into perdition. No; it is not Islam, that former occupier of one of the other legs of the empire. It could never fulfill all the prophecies. What is happening is almost below the radar or is misinterpreted. Only the Church will be able to put this Empire together as it always have; even in the time when Islam was very powerful. Muslims are like the older brothers (Esau & Ishmael) doing all they can to inherit the promises of blessings and inheriting the EARTH.  They have had to do it by force from the beginning. But they will never accomplish it. They will help cause the rise of a European Strong man. The Strongman will subjugate Christian nations by dividing those claiming to be Christians. One group will help to persecute the true Christians. Much like what you see is happening in the Republican party but many times worse.
The above is a tricky situation. None of the peoples of the world will understand how they are being used by the devil, except those who have the testimony of Christ and KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.

I remember talking to a Muslim friend decades ago. He was trying to get me interested in Islam. So I asked him, why should I believe his book? He asked me the same. I was able to tell him that his book tells him to believe the Bible. But I went further. I gave him a rundown of world history, in Daniel, chapter 2 and 7 and Revelation. Then I told him, Only God could predict history in ways that would be so impossible; that the 4th kingdom. ROME, would be split into 2 legs that it would fall ONCE… then a church entity would take control and ride its back controlling 7 revivals, all the way until Christ comes back.
  And that the last 10 nations of it would have 5 kings (kingdoms) from the eastern and western portion of the empire. I said this means you are of age and could likely see the Soviet Union fall and those nations come out from under it. The fall of the Soviet Union happened, many years later, in the late 1980s. I told him to remember that I said it, if he lived to see it happen.

So instead of people LOVING on a tyrannical Putin and friend of Donald Trump: Understand the part he is playing that will eventually push those people on one side; while Muslims push them on the other side, forcing a rise of the European man to fill that spot of Emperor. And you can see, even in our country, professed Christians clamoring, for a strong man, so will they do world wide.

The world will not understand, but will certainly cheer. ….This is a good time to discuss those prophecies but a better time, maybe, to LEARN why the USA was really formed with the Constitution it has. And why our 4th President James Madison called the Holy Roman Empire, “…a nerveless body; incapable of regulating its own members; insecure against external dangers and agitated with unceasing fermentations in its own bowels.” The founders were almost paranoid of any man, religious or non religious have the power over rights and laws. The so called Holy Roman Empire was one of the forces that help the Founders understand that the fundamental things had to be outside of the purview of man. Or you can end up anywhere and under any tyranny, even in the name of God.

Since this is going to happen with or without you believing, it may be worth your while to begin to look at some summaries of the history of the Holy Roman Empire, because it is in your future. It will dominate the world, for a short time.

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