ALL MY Never, Reluctant and anti Clinton Trump supporters who have not reached the Worshiper stage, I want to speak to you for a moment. I am aware that some of you are being pounded by Trumpers who treat him as though he is the second coming.  Listen to this please. Of course a small percentage of you seem to enjoy or at least be proud to take them on. There is some things you should think about and be patient concerning

I think we should be careful not to be seen as haters.. And people who issue personal attacks. That is the best favor that anyone who did not support Trump can give Trump Worshipers.

Here is what we should do:

1. Always do what God says... Trump is President elect... We should pray for him and the other leaders; that they might hear and choose things that are good. Pray also that they may place themselves mentally in the position that their ideas would place the ordinary citizen and ONLY DO what they would want to do to themselves. Those are things you can generally see, even if you are not Christian. That way they might consider this will be good for them, because they will get more support. This is a way that even if out of SELFISHNESS, they might do what makes for peace for the people; and the people may serve God under those circumstances, if nothing else.

2. Then ONLY AFTER the first, we STRONGLY hold his and the other leaders feet to the FIRE; to keep the good promises that they made to get elected.

(a) LOOKING AT ISSUE after issue and explaining the good or ERROR.

(b) Making prediction of the results of certain bad policies so that when it comes to pass it will be proof of the wisdom of what we said.. The TRUMP WORSHIPERS will never do any thing but Worship, until they repent.

3. There are people from Rush Limbaugh, in the information industry, on down who want to make you into something that I hope you are not. That is a sore loser, complainer... All of this make them feel better about themselves. Many of them will deny this; but do not allow people to pull you into that. It lets them off the hook and places them on the attack against what will look like an enemy hoping that every thing goes wrong. 

Do you realize what time it is now? Understand the time and season that is always part of every purpose under the sun. If you did not convince them before the election: NO WAY, you will now, WHILE THEY are in the midst of their joy. And we should be willing to pray and accept the good that our prayers may help to bring. BUT HIS WORKS ONLY will determine how he will be seen going forth. And we MUST be seen as credible in making Judgment concerning each situation and all policies and not OUT TO GET, him and them. If he does grossly wrong, we and our understanding must be seen as a pleasant  place to resort to and not a place to go and get told how Stupid he or she was!

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