THE KEY TO UNLOCKING DELUSION is in understanding that you have to willingly participate. At some point you have to literally decide that mixing a little truth and falsehood is all for the best; and that it will do you good.

Contrary to what false prophets and most people I know are saying these days. Yeshua (Jesus) says, a good tree cannot produce evil fruit and an evil tree cannot produce good fruit. That is the way he says we will know them. A fountain does not put forth both bitter and sweet water. Either let the tree be good or let it be evil.. This is where men error. When people do not believe this, they are calling God a liar, consciously or unconsciously. It allows them to LIE to themselves to do what they want or to choose anyone else that they want do it for them; regardless of what God says.

Now, I might get all these people who just cannot believe what I have written from scripture. That is why deception works. It is also why God says in Revelation that he would send them strong delusion, BECAUSE they do not have the love of the TRUTH.

Case in point:

Take this election cycle, both sides are LYING through their teeth on the other side. They do this to make either bad choice seem worse. They say things like: The whole country will be destroyed; Too dumb to run the country She going to give it to the Muslims; He hates women; more evil than Satan; Country cannot last 4 more years; etc.

Since I have dismissed the possibility that anyone who would support Hillary, knowing what she stands for is Godly at all, I will talk about my house, the republican house. People need to clean their own house and heart first. Or it is completely impossible for them to see straight about others. They can fix nothing because they will have blinded themselves. I believe Trump is clearly ungodly but people who vote for him have to make like he is not. They will make up anything, even from the Bible to make it so. And then will point out how evil Hillary is as a reason to choose the new person thy have recreated in their minds.. I agree about how evil Hillary is. But she is the enemy outside the gates and you can see her coming a mile away. Satan is much smarter than that.


I heard some deluded normally nice person claim that Hillary is pretty much the devil but trump just has bad manners. Now a normally good thinking person probably had to force himself or herself to believe that or maybe fear, or desire pushed them to want it to be true, Yet it is a full fledged lie. Remember, make the tree Good or evil, not a mix; that allows deception. In the past I have demonstrated how that when it comes to the court and even legislation, contrary to popular belief, Trump can do non-conservative things that Ms. Benghazi could never do. Hillary cannot do what Trump can do in any way. He has spent a lifetime manipulating the political manipulators and liars. Kind of like Satan, who has managed to fool people into thinking that he is not doing any of this; Trump has been able to get his Supporters to believe any thing he wants and it could be opposite things on different days. Hillary cannot do that. Trump can do it IN YOUR FACE and you believe him. Hillary has to LIE and hide and use government power to manipulate. Trump does it to the heart, because you want to believe. What is more, Trump knows he has this power. All he needed was the right situation. That is why he said he could shoot someone in broad daylight, and not lose support. His assessment is about right. There is just about nothing he can say or do that will lose him support and he can get all his supporters to believe anything about people like me, who will not support him.

ONLY the love of the TRUTH, not lesser evil or SELF mind manipulation to make yourself feel better about a person or situation will save you from delusion. That is harder to come by on our side than even I knew. When you see all the evil being spewed towards those who will not support trump, because they see these things, it helps you understand how the whole world will one day spew evil towards even the mighty two witnesses talked about in the book of revelation. The world will even rejoice when they are killed. The world will think they have a utopia going on and the witnesses of God are the problem. Some folk on our Republican side would make war right now against never Trumpers. Others would just watch. This is the formula that has worked in every popular rise of a dictator.


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