Bill Sullivan     JUDGES GOING ROGUE

I HAVE HAD some normally sensible friends who think that the by the Judge to stop the executive order Trump issued on refugees must be followed. Or, they say, you somehow screw up the Constitutional system of out country if you donít. It is the other way around. Let me see if I can illustrate this factual assertion.

Presidents can veto Congress or choose not to violate his or her conscience under certain circumstances. Congress can over ride the President. Or congress may refuse to fund what the President wants to do. That is checks and balances. If either congress or the President violates the Constitution the Courts can check them and say, this is against the Constitution. GOOD STUFF, right?  Who checks a Rogue court judge or even SCOTUS? Ok I know congress could change their jurisdiction. When has that taken place? The president could just refuse but no one knows that, it appears today. Everyone has been brainwashed to think The Court cannot be reviewed or disagreed with. They think it will cause a Constitutional crisis.  Is a violation of the Constitution by the President or Congress worse than if the courts do so? WHAT IF the courts decided the below:
1. That the 13th amendment does not truly free blacks from slavery. Could they do that? Yes. Who would obey the reversal of slavery?
2. What if the SCOTUS decided that if you were born after a woman declared you just a non human fetus and opted for an abortion; and are not any age, you must be found and killed; would that now be LAW? Would any one be legally required to obey that order?
3. What if they decided that any thing the President does and says are subject to the review of the courts and they and they alone can tell him if he can continue to execute
  his mandates?

Many people think the answers are YES, YES, AND YES! The real answer is No, no and HECK NO! But the courts and lawyers over the last 150 years have appropriated this power to themselves by slowly boiling us like frogs in water. They most often do not look back at the Constitution so much, but to what some other judge said and figure out how far they can stretch it; until it no longer conforms to the Constitution.

Look at the attachment: Congress has the Constitutional right to decide who and when people can come into this country and so do whomever they by legislation share that power with constitutionally. THE COURTS have no Constitutional Role. Neither can they constitutionally get between the president and his acts to protect the country. I wonder if he and they up there know this. The Real Crisis would be to allow the Courts to PROVE that they can get away with this. Because then we are being ruled and used by progressives and their court judges who are and will act like so many kings with more power than either or both the President and Congress.

Thomas Jefferson warned about judicial review; how that if could go too far. Seems that we have more than reached that day and time and they are HELL BENT on totally changing the nature of the country; and even seeking to force all who obey God to do it their way. If I was President Trump; I would throw this out and laugh. Then I would give SCOTUS a chance to correct it, while I continue to protect the country in spite of the unconstitutional move of that Judge. If SCOTUS sought to take that power to itself also, I would reject them too.. Then have the people to force their representatives to change the jurisdiction of the courts, so that they know they NEVER had that power.
  If liberals managed to stop the congress, I would stick to my Guns while holding the constitution in my hands as the real Supreme law of the land. I may even increase the number of Supreme Court judges. I would have experts show the people the original powers of the branches of government so that they know the lawlessness of their acts. They would come to see that they do not want an oligarchy. Or they will replace me as president and then go ahead and set up one. I do not believe the American people would do that. And all this time America would stand and the people would appreciate that I am protecting them. Is there danger in a President learning that he can do this and going rogue, himself? Yep. Can we say Barrack Hussein Obama? But the country stood. What the country cannot stand much more of are courts violating natural law, which places limits on them naturally and doing whatever comes into the mind of a Judge on any given day.

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