Bill Sullivan  Tom Learns A Valuable Lesson About Cops


Some of you know that a few years ago we at POB Productions made an Audio
 Drama called In Our Image, having to do with the destiny of mankind. It presents
 the plan of God and how he will deal with Heylel (Satan). Well we decided to use
our voice acting to address one of the reasons Black Lives Matter protesters or
 anyone needs to present a matter completely and in a way that actually make
 policing safer for the benefit of all.

The setting is 6 years before our last day’s prophet Thomas and star of the audio drama,
 “In Our Image” becomes a prime Christian to be hated by the world. Heylel (Satan)
already knows this Prophet will become a problem. Here Thomas communicates
with his grandson Tom valuable instructions to which we all should take heed.
 Cops are flawed people too. Your life is as much in your own hands as in theirs;
 maybe more, at times.

*Hey this fictional episode takes place in beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas.. ENJOY!

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