The whole earth is playing out the final
episode of a drama stemming from a traumatic
time before Adam and is becoming a mess. America
 in the last days is a place where the rights of
the individual are under constant assault. a time
where the states will determine if they will
secede from the union. This is the beastly mark
of earth’s new global peace movement. The only
questions are increasingly becoming, will you be
a Prophet or the proffered of the New World
 order; a persecutor or the persecuted; a
Prepper or a victim?

 in our image
after our likeness

An  entertaining journey that begins
before earth and ends after earth
listen to episodes below and learn
how to survive in america in the
last days.

episodes from IN OUR IMAGE


If you were an AMERICAN and powerful Prophet
who loved your country in the last days, would
you care about being treated like Phil Robertson
 when you spoke the truth? Check out this 20 minute
 Episode of the 8 CD set, 10 hr "In our Image" audio
Drama. End time Prophet Thomas Hankins must deal
 with LYING WONDERS of those who are into enhanced
 vampirism and Lycanthropic activity. If you know
 much about this audio presentation, you know that
Hankins is presented as a very spiritually powerful
man. Yet he has to overcome personal problems like
us all. In his case, it is his ex wife whom he has
 never given up on. Now he finds himself in a
catch 22 situation.



A love story episode Man was made to image, imitate
 and be like God in holiness and all decision making.
Even his position in nature and relationships is but
 an acting out of a position of ruler ship and the
 way you learn to deal with others, including the
 love and hate situations. Some of you may know that
 the heroic character name Thomas Hankins in the
Audio Drama “In our Image” is not only a Mighty man
 of God in the last days. A man that many militia
 members look to for inspiration to continue in hope
of restoring the USA but he has a secret and a love
interest that he cannot easily forget. In this Free 19
minute episode he gets to see her again for what
 might be the last time.


Most of us have heard of the man of God
called Job. A lot of people may not have
considered all the nearly unique things in
that 42 chapter book within the Bible. It
speaks of the signs of the Zodiac, the
resurrection, the laws of the universe and
apparently dinosaur-like creatures. It also
helps us to understand more things about
 God and our enemy the devil. Did you know
the devil can cause storms and twisters?
Do you know what he thinks of the best
of men, from his own lips? What would you
do if you were the most righteous person
on earth and everything just seemed to go
wrong for many months? Prayers, friends or
nothing else was working for you. You are
rich but your money is useless in solving
your problems. The most horrible things are
happening to you. Well, we summarized this
story in a relatively short audio drama. This
 is but part of a multi hour audio play.


In the audio drama “In our Image: after
our likeness” There are many sub stories.
 One of those stories is about private
militias and their effort, in the last days
 to save America from the New World Order.
 In this episode, a duped establishment worker
named Julie is surprised by militia members,
 establishment types and ends up in a martial
 arts fight for her life. Hopefully the drama
 is not only entertaining, but also provocation
of thoughts about preparations for the
things coming upon this country.





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