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One of Heylel lieutenants named Belial
began to speak

Belial: “Now what?”

Heylel: “You see, some how the woman must
have a child or children who Eloi will push to, in
weakness try to defeat me. I will therefore plead
my cause because not one of these dirt beast
will ever be smart enough to overcome me.

Belial: “Well what can we do against Eloi?”

Heylel: “Listen; as long as I am alive and he
is afraid to kill me, I am the winner.  Instead
of life being necessarily based upon him and
 his ways, I will have forced him to uphold my
 ways. Therefore I will ascend above the heights
of the clouds and be like the most high.”

Belial: “It won’t hurt him to share Royalty.
Nothing can hurt him.”

Heylel: “Once my point can no longer be
challenged, sharing would be a farce!”

Heylel: We will see to it that not one of
these dirt likenesses of his is ever born
and not get a chance at true freedom. They
are the easiest of creatures to overcome. 
Come let’s plot our revenge on Elohim.”


Gina, her son Tom and her father Thomas,
even deeper in the shelter where there is
prepared many supplies. There are a few
friends with them. Thomas continues the
conversation with his Grandson.

Thomas: “No Tom, there has always been
a reason for all the hell we go through
down here.”

Tom: “Yea, so we can get to heaven right?”

Thomas: “No, where are you getting all this
traditional garbage?”

Gina: “Dad, I am sorry but at the time I
thought it's best to teach him  traditional things
and the things that you taught me. I thought it
was  best,  at that time.”

Tom: “ But Mom, you said that grandpa took
religion so far that he did not celebrate Christmas
and that you could not see how the whole world was
wrong.” You also said Grandpa was a little  too
fanatical for your taste but you loved him too
much to tell him.”

Thomas just sat and watched the interaction
daughter and grandson.

“But I always had fun with Grandpa on
Christmas and it didn’t matter to me.”

Thomas: “Tom, early on in the life of your mother,
we had a great time on what is called Christmas.
At the time, I did not realize that Jesus was not
born anywhere near that day.  I did not understand
 that God became angry with Israel for the celebration
of the birth of Tammuz, at that time of the year. I
did not understand that celebration the whole world
had done so long before the time of Christ is pagan
at its core.  Your Mother just wanted to make sure
 that you did not miss any good thing.”


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