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Heylel: “Ah huh, Elohim says that you cannot eat of all
the trees in the garden?

Eve: “We can eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden.
Only the tree in the midst of the garden we have been
commanded not to eat or even touch it lest we die.”

Heylel: You will not certainly die. God knows that in the
day you eat of  it, your eyes will be opened and you will
in effect become God, having wisdom in both good and
evil. (He said it without any hint of evil intent)

No super creature was allowed to help Adam and Eve
but many watchers contemplated the meaning of such
acts as they were witnessing them.

Heylel and his cronies laughed as they saw the woman
reach for knowledge, wisdom and pleasure that
seemed so easily gained.

All of a sudden, they knew they had done something
very bad. They felt guilt and shame and went to hide
their naked frames, partially covered by leaves, in
 among the trees of the garden.

Elohim appears in the garden, walks around in the
cool of the day calling to Adam, asking "where are
you"? And the man said to Elohim. "Wait a minute
I hid myself, I... I was ashamed, I was naked. This
 wouldn't happened if it wasn't for Eve. And the
woman said. "It was the nakhash, he tricked me
into eating the fruit.

Watchmen of the heavens looked on with
curiosity as Elohim informed all listeners of
the consequences of the recent events.

The man would now  be a gatherer in leisure not, but
have to try to force the ground to bring forth because
it was cursed. He would have to labor in all things
to make a living. The woman would bear children in
pain and always have to look to either pull down the
man or pull herself up to his level. Her desire would
 be in his matters.

Moreover, the Elohim said to the Nakhash, “Because
you have done this, cursed are you above all cattle and
every beast of the field. Upon thy belly shall you go and
dust shall you eat all your life. In addition, I will put
enmity between you and the Woman and between your
seed and her seed. It shall bruise thy head and you
shall bruise his heel.”

Eloi says to his fellow, “To keep the man from eating
of the tree of life, we had better put him out of
the garden.”

Cherubim that controlled every access point to the
garden, was placed in the entrance of the garden so
no one could enter. Many myths developed from the
sightings of these marvelous creatures.


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