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Elohim took 5 days and brought light upon Awdamn
the first day. After this on consecutive days, he made the
expanse called the sky, then he raised the continents up
out of water. After this, he refired the sun and the stars.
Then Elohim made creatures from the waters. From the
earth, he made cattle and insects.

Then on the sixth day, last of all came the beginnings
of something quite interesting.

The word spread that Eloi and his Companion, together
called the Elohim, said, “Let us make a man, in our
image and after our likeness.” This man was to imitate
Elohim in all things.

He was shapen from the dirt on Awdamn, itself and
Elohim breathed into the nostrils of the one made from
lowly dirt. He lived. The dirt creature he called Adam, after
 the name of the dirt from which he was made.

Then the man was made to bring forth a being from his chest
area, just as Eloi had done earlier. She was called Eve. This
got Heylel’s attention.

Heylel: “Now the Elohim is making me angry, he said. Can
you believe that he would make this low dirt  a high one by
making this dirt imitate himself?” Yet, this ignorant clod of
sand can only be symbolic. As flesh, what can he really do?
Furthermore, if he is the image of Elohim, what would it
mean symbolically, if I get him to do only what I say?” I
mean, if I get the very image of God to obey me! This is
so much fun!

Beelzebub: (one of Heylel’s top officers begins to speak)
 “How can you bask in glory when we are all in misery?
We are like air breathers caught in a raging sea, feeling
like every breath may be our last. We’re removed from
his good graces and all we are left with in this foaming
 darkness and agony.”  “So, we won but to what end?”

Heylel: “You will see my friend. I know what Eloi is doing.
He has demonstrated all the power that we can conceive of
but there is nothing glorious about a dinosaur stepping on
 a bug. So, I know in some way he is evening out the fight.
He is making it easy for us. I believe in some way this Adam,
in all his weakness of flesh; will seek to take the fight to us.
I don’t fully understand this yet. I will understand and we
will do the same to him as we have done to Elohim.”

After learning that the Adam had been instructed to be
 keeper of a garden Called Eden. Heylel figured the Elohim
was trying to be funny because many had called the planet
Awdamn, Eden in past ages. Furthermore, this Adam knew
almost nothing. He was pretty much a blank slate, except that
 he was never to disobey Elohim.  “Why Adam was not told
anything, Heylel wondered. This was nothing more than Elohim
 gloating that he, Heylel, could be beaten by someone ignorant
and with little power.  What arrogance, he thought. "It will
never work", he said.

Heylel enters the garden in a rather mild and glorious nakhash
form. In this form, he was not fearful and looked a little like a
mixture of a gecko lizard standing upright on his hind legs, with
a snakish glow dragon tinge. He was awesomely beautiful! He
spoke to the woman.


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