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After Belial had made his speech about thick darkness
floating around.

Heylel: (speaking very forcefully and emotionally) “You
know nothing my friend!  We have in fact won.”

Belial: Ok, let me get this, we get our tails kicked all over
the universe and pushed into Awdawn’s solar system where
even it’s sun has gone dark and you say that we won?

Heylel: “Fools! Are we not still alive? Yes. That very fact
tells me that it is not over. We have proven our point. It is
his move now. Eloi cannot leave it like it is and still be
omnipotent or always correct. Neither can he claim any
more that all things are based up on himself and leave it
all as it is now.”

Belial: “What if he did, just let it be?”

Heylel: Then we will have taken control. We would have
proven him a liar, so I know he will do something.

Belial: If you are his crowning glory, what could he do
as an encore?

Heylel: “We will see.”

At that time, Metatrone shows up and reports to Heylel.
“I talked to Michael, Gabriel, and others. What I hear
sounds very strange to me, he said.  “The word is, that
which is high will be made low and that which is weak
will be made strong.”

Heylel: “Well listen everyone. It is clear that we are the
most powerful of creatures, so that is easy to understand.
Secondly, it seems that he will make the other stronger.

Belial: “Oh yea, how brilliant! As I explained above, why do
they need more power?  I don’t think that is the answer.”

Heylel: Who asked your opinion, Belial? What do you think
 it means, you who would be the most knowledgeable?”

Belial: “It is about us.”

Heylel: “Well of course, but what does he really mean? This
is the beginning of his move to counter act what we have
done. Lets see what form it takes.”


The planet Awdamn, like many in its solar system was
damaged during Heylel’s war in heaven, against other angels.
 It was not stable. All life had disappeared. Even the Sun had
shut down and produced no energy.


© Copyright April 2010


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