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And we both will find you and make things right, but
only a few idiots are calling for Capital Punishment.”
That mistake is an episode in history that is too stupid
to repeat!


Awdamn at the time was a metropolis of different
kinds of beings. Some spirit and a lot of them flesh.
Even Heylel found the beauty pleasant.  Flying crafts
 and beings of every stripe, came and went among the
crystal structures as easily as they could zip through
 a galaxy of stars.

The Giant creatures, living on Awdamn, once harmonious
were now all in competition to hold the highest position
of control. The great fights that now had become legendary
drew spectators from around the universe. Heylel loved it.
Through them, he taught his idea of thrill at the expense of
others. After all, if they cannot obtain glory by their own
means, they didn’t deserve it. When he had to enforce his rules,
Heylel would often take the form of a glorious snake-like creature
but having hands and feet.  He was then a Nakhash, a Mighty
Dragon. He dazzled many a watcher. Many powerful creatures
came to Awdamn, simply to play. It became a place to spread
Heylel’s doctrine.

When some powerful creature rose to the top, he had a right
to challenge Heylel to take leadership. There were rules that
 were in stone. Heylel did not mind rules as long as they were
his own. For instance, if they were challenging a fleshy creature
of Awdamn, they had to take on a fleshy form, and no super
powers could be used as an advantage.  If they were fighting
another angelic being there were limits to the use of power.
Awdamn was not to be a casualty for victory.

Once Heylel faced a mighty angelic creature, which after
several days of competition, He almost got caught in a time
warp that would have made him the loser. He tricked the
other being by saying that the creature had won, only to put
the being in a strange time warp of his own that lasted several
thousand years. He said the creature was too stupid to rule.
However, when the creature extricated himself eons later, he
was loyal to Heylel.

Now having convinced many that his way is the way to enjoy
being alive, he has appointed a time when millions would seek
 to take ruler ship over a third of the galaxies.  The attempt was
doomed to fail, however the struggle left much destruction visible
around the universe and did damage the beauty of Awdamn and
planets like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, heavenly bodies named
after powerful creatures.  Worst of all, the universe now lay in
total darkness except for the heaven of heavens.

Belial: (the powerful creature that Heylel had defeated only with
trickery), began to speak about their troubles. “I thought you
said that all would be well. Now we travel through darkness as
wandering stars with no certainty of any purpose. Do not all
the places that we wanted to posses say, behold me not? This
thick darkness is as one floating in a sea of nothingness!”


© Copyright April 2010


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