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All this is happening at a time when all denominations
of Christians have tried to work together as one entity
for the good of humanity. They like the governments
of the world, especially those of the United States of
Europe, believe its all for the best if religion is involved
with conditioning the inhabitants of earth to the new reality.

At city hall, a friend of Thomas’s came forward for
inquisition concerning his manner of life that conflicted
with the law.

Council meembr: “Jake Talbert, I have known you
from the time I was a child. You are a good man,
except you are somehow making the system out to be
some great evil thing. “As a kid, I wished so much that
there was no wars, that all mankind would somehow
join together and rid themselves of that evil and other
evils like bad healthcare and starvation. We have finally
arrived at a time in man’s history where all this is right at
hand. Is not that what you pray for around Christmas,
peace on Earth? Oh, that is right you do not celebrate
Christmas.  Ok, but Jake, you still pray for peace. I do
not see the down side of the system. You cannot tell me
that the world would be better off just to allow it to revert
to its history! Can you do that? Jake, I used to play with
 your children, please help me to help you.”

Jake: “I take it that you now believe that it is ok to
allow the old and infirm to die, to allow the buying
and selling of fetuses, to force those whose consciences’
are violated to participate in word and deed” “Bobby,
this system not only forces us all to financially support
the carrying out of these evils but it causes us to punish
 those that obey God.” This is that which was spoken of
in the Book of Revelation.  So, are you going to try to
persuade me by barring from me the use of money or
the interaction with the marketplace?

Council member: “My name is Bob. I have not been
Bobby for a many years.  I know that there is no use
in me trying to convince you.  I just wish it were not
you. Your son is here with me and even in tears, declares
that it must be this way.  Our integrity is tied up in
treating every one the same.”

Jake: “Bobby, you tell Ted Talbert that I forgive him
and that he should read the book of Revelation.  He
lived with his mother and she was into the Philosophies
of man and eventually convinced authorities that I was
involved in some cult.  I did not nearly get as much
time with him as I desired.”

Council member: “You know they are talking about
changing your violations into capital offences. Certainly,
that will never happen. What I am trying to say is, at
least you won’t be fed to the lions, you know! You can
always change your mind.

Jake: “Bobby, remember your words and when they
begin to kill those who believe as I do, promise me
that you will attend to all that I have spoken to
you about.”

Council member: “I promise and I will see to it
that I will find Ted wherever he may be.


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