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Grandfather Thomas: “Tom, hasn’t your
mother taught you these things? I taught
Gina everything that I know.”

Tom: “Well, she said that you are a
great Grandfather, but it was hard to see
how you are right about the Bible and
most other people are wrong.

[Gina] listening to her son talk says: “Tom,
I never said that Dad was wrong, but I know
for a certainty now, that he is right.” “Be sure
to listen to him carefully and understand as
much as you can.”

Grandfather Thomas: “Tom. Quiet,” he said,
“someone is coming!”

There were groups of people that Thomas and
Gina could see through cracks in the well-hidden
shelter. They were rounding up recalcitrant
neighbors of Thomas Hankins. Many of these
people had learned the Truth from Thomas
Hankins. Hankins knows that some of these
would not come back to their homes alive.

Some of the searchers claimed to be friends of
the people taken away. There are Uniformed
troops who look to the entire world like the
German solders of World War II.

Gina begins to wonder if one of her dad’s
friends, who were in the shelter with them,
ever laughed at her dad’s ideas and told
anyone about the shelter. There was one
person who was not in the shelter with them,
who knew that there was a shelter, her ex
husband David. After David’s mother died,
he had no more use for God. He changed into
a different person and became abusive.

David and Gina were very happy at one time.
David heard a lot of truth from Thomas,
which was reinforced by Gina but with
uncertainty in some doctrines, particularly
 in those things where Thomas differed from
many mainstream church organizations.

Now, David lived alone in a wooded area
out of town. He had recently taken a job in a
local conformity enforcement unit. He was
responsible for filing all reports of people
rounded up and which ones confirmed to
the law.

He is still a troubled man. How a supposed
loving God could allow his Mother to die but
even more troubling to him is that he allowed
himself to change so much that he lost his
family. David only interacts with others, as it
is necessary

The searchers finally bound everyone that they
could find. Now they will be taken to Authorities
and given an opportunity to repent and do the
things that the rulers of the whole world have
decided should be done for the good of all.

All these folk had refused to support a system
determined to tell who could live and who
 should die. Who could buy and sell what they
 could buy and sell and how much they could
buy and sell.

The system even allows the sale of the souls
of the innocent.


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