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You will not get them back. (She laughs)
“Sorry, I don’t want to talk about work
when I call you, my friend.” I am sorry,
read the letter.”

Bob realized that Julie was not only trying
to keep him from saying certain things but
also was somehow uncomfortable with speaking
over the phone. In addition, she was now
speaking some kind of code.

Bob: “Julie I am glad you liked my turnips,
I mean my potatoes. I hope you have a good
excuse for not sending the turnips. You owe
me. I will read your letter now. Do you want
me to call you back?

Julie: “No, I hope to see you soon with a gift
for you and your wife. How is she, anyway?

Bob: “We are about to have a baby, any
minute it seems.

Julie: “Well, that’s great, congratulations.
Tell Ted Talbert that I said hello and that
 I am sorry.” Take care. Bye.”

Bob: “Bye Julie” (How strange, he thought)
Now he raced to see where he put that letter.
He didn’t find it in the usual place but upon
top of the refrigerator. He quickly opened
the letter and began to read.)



Dear Bob,

Things have changed markedly since the
last time we spoke. Central Processing now
have the authority to bring in church leaders,
law enforcement officers and judges to determine
which of these religious leaders to hold responsible
for the lawlessness that has recently sprung up.

Since local militias are now attacking authorities,
equipment and buildings, they have gotten
particularly tough on the religious leaders.

Bob they are instituting the death penalty. 
 Leaders are first sent to a concentration
type camp but if they become over crowded
or burdensome, they may after sentencing,
 be executed on the spot.

These leaders are your Potatoes.

Julie Benton


All communications coming to or going
from here, are monitored. Please destroy
this letter. I don’t know what the penalty
would be if the people got wind of this
before the authorities are ready to
explain it to them. ………….

Bob: “How could this be? Surely, men
are not stooping down to the level of
the inquisition, again! How have I betrayed
my friends? How could I not see where this
was heading?”

Bob: “God please have mercy on Jake
and help me to find Thomas Hankins.
He seems to always know what to do.”
How can I tell Ted that I turned his Dad
over to the inquisition? Where will
this all end?”



© Copyright April 2010

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