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“Many people seem to think that God
was justified to punish ancient Israel
for Baal Ashtoreth worship, yet they
hold the same Baal, Ashtoreth traditions
and they believe that God does not mind
because they attach the name Jesus.”
Unfortunately they don't understand
that the Baal, Ashtoreth worship came
with the ideal of Madonna with child
The idea of immortality of the soul, and
everlasting torture. And all that was
taught of that type worship."

“The whole world lies in the lap of the
wicked one and he has deceived the
whole world.”

Tom: “We must tell our friend Matthew.
I do not understand, he is a good
 person, why will God kill him?”

Thomas: “Jesus is not coming to destroy
the world; he is coming to save it. Don’t
worry; God knows each person and all will
get a chance to accept the truth, either in
this age or at the time of the kingdom.”

All of a sudden, they recognized that the
compound had been entered. Everyone was
listening to Thomas. They failed to monitor the
mirrored system that Thomas set up to see if
someone approached or breached the compound.
Some of the men spoke about stoning any one who
came to get them.

They heard someone at the compound door.
This was a huge vault concern that opened easily
but only with a special hidden mechanism.
Someone was opening it.

Once the seal was broken, the noisy movements
 were now, easily heard. Then a voice called out
 "Gina....Mr. Thomas." and Gina felt as though
someone moved a furnace before her face and
her heart raced a thousand miles an hour.



Bob had some time off and was ready to go
back to work. His Job began at 4am and it
was now about 3:30am. The phone is ringing
and he is wondering, who this could be so
early in the morning.

It was Julie a central processing professional
but a long time friend.

Bob: “Hello, this is Bob.

Julie: “Hi Bob. Did you get my letter?

Bob: “There is a letter here but I have not
looked at it yet. I have been mostly away
and trying to forget the daily agony of
dealing with recalcitrant people that I
know personally. I never knew this Job
would be so emotionally draining.”

“I guess it was Mr. Talbert. He ended
up over there with you, right? I really
like the guy and I ended up saying some
things that I now regret. It is just that I
cannot talk any sense into some of the
best of them. He has some silly Idea…
that….somehow... At that point Julie
started cutting him off

Julie: “Bob, Bob, Bob. Read my letter.
In it, I explain why I have not sent you
the garden raised turnips that I promised.
 The Potatoes that you sent were indeed
good potatoes. Your Potatoes are
certainly, being consumed.



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