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"The false belief, effectively changes the
law of the Sabbath and the celebration
time. When the fallen Church that Paul
says will be teaching Fables caused many
to use the names and dates of celebrations
 that all pagan sun worshippers used from
the time of Nimrod and his wife Semiramis.
This includes Easter from Ishtar and December
 25th, which was the time of Birth of the child
God of Nimrod’s wife Semiramis."

Tom: “Ok, Grandfather, please don’t be angry
 but does any of this really matter? I mean as
long as people do good, why would God care?”

Thomas: "Tom, remember what Jesus said
about knowing the truth and the truth would
set you free?”

Tom: “Yes, but I am trying to understand”

Thomas: “The difference is being free or being
 in bondage to Satan. Notice that those who
learn the truth and embrace it also learns the
truth about God.”

Thomas: “Jesus said, “This is eternal life, to
know you the only true God and Jesus Christ
whom thou have sent.”

Thomas: “You see, all cultures have a goodness
 and times when people give gifts to each other,
but they may know little about God.”

“Those that accept the fables about the
resurrection also accept the doctrines that
come with it. The same doctrines that Satan
pushed through the Nimrod, Baal, Ashtoreth,
Ishtar and all Pagan nations around the world
through out history.”

“They believe in the lie that Satan told Eve in
the Garden, that men don’t certainly die.” This
is the doctrine of immortality of the soul.” Ask
many preachers and you will be hard pressed to
find one that believes Jesus really died for your
sins. They believe that he covered himself with
flesh and it died but he never did.” This calls
God a lie, whom scripture says only
has immortality.”

“They believe that God tortures people forever,
even as God says that what you earn from sin
is death and that the dead knows nothing. What
a change to a different God, and a different image
to be worshipped."

Thomas: “Men have died for believing what I
believe and many will yet die."

Thomas: “Listen carefully, “If the wages you earn
for sin is everlasting life in hell fire, no one, not
 even Jesus has paid the price for you and you are
still in your sins.” “But if the wages of Sin is death
and Christ really died and people adhere to this real
truth, then they show that they are taught of God.
As it is written and they all shall be taught of God, is
true in the life of all that know God."


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