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They plotted and schemed about what
they believed was important to Job the
best way to over whelm him.



Tom’s Grandfather Thomas continues
to explains the one sign that Jesus said
would be given an evil and adulterous

Thomas: “When God brought the Children
of Israel out of Egypt, he had told them
that the very month would become the
beginning of the year for them. They
called the name of the Month Nisan.
That usually comes sometime in out
March or April.”

“They were to find a lamb with out
 one blemish, and as perfect as they
 had and put it in a separate place
to prepare it for sacrifice. On the
14th day of that month, Passover,
they all were to gather around
their lamb and sacrifice it between
 the evenings. That is after noon and
before sundown.”

“The Children of Israel rehearsed
 this for about 1500 years, until Christ
came, of whom John the Baptist said,
 “Behold the Lamb of God that takes
 away the sins of the world.”

“Christ was that perfect lamb for
which they had been rehearsing for
1500 years. They took Jesus at the
time of the lamb sacrifices on Passover
and he was crucified for a sacrifice for
our sins.”

"Three days and three nights, from the
14th in the evening, means that he rose
on the 17th, also in the evening. The
Prophet Daniel says that he would put
an end to sacrifices in the midst of the
week. Go ahead and analyze it. There
is only one day of the week that could
have been the 14th and Jesus still be
 gone before day Sunday. That day is
Wednesday, which means that Jesus
rose on what we call Saturday evening.
This is why when the women came there
while it was still dark, the Angel could
 tell them that, “he is not here but
risen as he said.”

“Many think that Christ rose when the
stone was rolled away, but Jesus was now
Spirit and could walk through solid rock.
The women came when it was yet dark,
but the stone that blocked the cave where
Jesus had lain, was rolled away even
before that.”

Tom: “Ok, Grandpa, I am not trying to
 be funny, but how is this a great sign?”
How does this truth make us free?"

Thomas: “Good question Tom.”

Tom: “Yea and now I would like a
good answer, (Tom pauses) sir.”

Thomas: “This means all the sun rise
services you have ever attended propagated
a falsehood. It made the Day Satan chose
to make special for the false Sun god the
day millions think God set apart for worship
and rest. As prophesied by Daniel, the little
horn will think to change times and laws."


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