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A time came when the sons of Elohim
 presented themselves before Him.

Picture this as the creatures reporting
to God and presenting visual information
in thin air or space about their mission.
There are things in the whole universe that
these beings could be doing. It could be on
any planet, star or even to whole Galaxies.
Heylel came too.

Elohim knows the thoughts of Heylel and
all his intents. Heylel knows Elohim knows and
he could care less. Elohim starts a conversation.

Elohim: “From where have you come?”

Heylel: “Going here and there in the earth
and walking all around in it.”

Elohim: “Have you considered my servant
Job, there is none like him in the earth.
He’s a perfect and upright man, one
that fears God and hates evil?”

Heylel: “Do Job fear you without pay?
You have surrounded him and all he has
with protection. You bless all he does and
gives him lots of stuff.” Heylel pauses
 for effect.

Heylel: “Put forth you hand, now, and
touch all he has and he will curse you
 to your face.”

This is high stakes. The Adversary knows
that he will need to prove his point only
once. He also knows that if he fails, he will
have lost his idea that those who obey are
simply prostitutes.

Elohim: “All that he has is in your power
but don’t put your hands on him.”

Heylel could hardly contain himself!
Finally, his theory could be proven
swift and easily, all because of a
huge mistake by Elohim.

 Heylel calls a general meeting of his
top officers. After some conversation,
Metatrone speaks.

Metatrone: “But he is only one man.
Whyshould we put so much focus on
one man?”

Heylel: "No Metatrone, Beelzebub and
 Belial are right. It makes no difference
 what other men, past, present or future
that the Elohim praises, his word will
always be meaningless from now on.
Yes, yes, yesss!"

Metatrone: “I got it. This could be
what dirt creatures call a sucker punch.”

Heylel: “Not really, this is straight up
and is no trick.”

Belial: “What if Eloi uses his great
power to defeat us?”

Heylel: “If he did that he would know
 that he lied. He is too pure to do that;
therefore, his own character will be the
means of our success.”

Metatrone: “I have said that you are the
greatest of intellects!” Now, we are ready
to coordinate a concerted effort to squeeze
out of Job that which we have proven time
and time again is in these dirt men.”



© Copyright April 2010


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