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Beelzebub: “Yea, but a little too late,
this man has also committed what Eloi
calls sin. So, why is Eloi promising him
all this goodness? This man has
earned nothing!

Metatrone: “I see he enjoyed the
Egyptian woman.”

Heylel: “This is somewhat perplexing.
Even if he had sacrificed Isaac, he was a
 flawed young man and could not make
up for the former manifestations of his
error pronged genetic material. I know
Eloi. He could not be promising this
Abraham these things way in the future,
without condition, if what Abraham does
 totally mattered. Because we know that he
will still fail some times in his life.” Eloi is
crediting him for just believing him but that
still doesn’t give him life when once he is gone.
 In addition, even though as we said, his DNA
continues, what good will that do Abraham.
(Pauses for a moment) He believed that Eloi would
bring his son back to life! I would bet my intellect,
that was the case. So, he must also believe that
God will do the same for himself at some point.”

Metatrone: “You seem to be over thinking just
a little this time.”

Heylel: “What do you know? Mark my words;
Eloi is up to something that we have not
figured out yet.”

Metatrone: “Well, if he’s thinking about letting
them live again as full of errors as they are,
surely we are getting what we want also.” “Maybe
 he will just bring them back to life over and over
 until they do what he wants.”

Heylel: “Hmmmm, great idea, it only proves
that any being can accidentally come up
with a wonderful thought, once.”

The creature metatrone appears to be getting
angry with Heylel, but settles down after
Heylel’s next comment.

Heylel: “Keep your glow on, I am justtrying
to lighten the mood.” It is a very useful idea
that you mention.” Men will buy into it for
sure. Go and teach it where ever possible.”



There was a man who lived in the east named
 Job. This man was perfect and upright in the
 eyes of Elohim. He feared God and hated evil.
man had so great material possessions that he
was the greatest of all the men of the east. He
had seven sons and three daughters for whom
 he as family priest offered sacrifices continually
because they feasted so much. Job knew that
they potentially might sometimes despised the
thought of God.

Heylel decided to be this man’s Satan  personally.

Every watchman and angelic being that could
find the time, watched the contest that the
adversary solicited between himself and the
 man. Everyone knew Heylel’s theory that “all
 beings only cared about themselves.” Now if
the Elohim says that this man was like no other
 alive, all Heylel figured he had to do was show
this man to be disloyal, selfish and only satisfied
 when paid to prostitute himself.


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