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Abraham continuing to appeal to God
to be merciful but he had to ask, “What
 if twenty are found."

YHWH: “I will not do it for twenty’s sake."

Abraham continuing to appeal, “I will
ask only one more time. What if there
is only 10 found?”

YHWH: “I will not do it for ten’s sake.”

TWO ANGELS came to Sodom. They
witnessed the depravity of the men of
Sodom, first hand. They told Lot to
take all he had along with his family
and leave. Lot tried in vain to get his
Sons-in-laws to follow him and his
daughters. When he lingered the Angels
took him, his wife and his daughters by
the hand and led them out of the city.
They could do nothing until Lot was
 safe, then they caused brimstone and
fire to rain down on Sodom and her
sister city Gomorrah and
destroyed them.

Then the two Angels could be seen
changing forms to dynamic glowing
beings, whom a few citizens see change
as they are trying to harass them.

 They each fly over one of the twin cities
and visually expel energy that bring in
exploding asteroids, eruption from the 
 sea volcanic activity or something else. 
 Awesome power!

In spite of the fact that Sarah,
Abraham’s wife, no longer had monthly
periods, they had a child as God Promised.
 God made it known that it would be through
this child from his wife that Elohim’s
covenant would stand.

When the child was about 17 years old, God
 told Abraham to take the child to the land of
Moriah and sacrifice him upon a mountain
that he would show him there. Abraham did
as instructed. Abraham trusted that God would
do something to make it all right, even if it
meant that he had to raise Isaac from the dead.

God called to Abraham out of heaven and
showed him a ram caught in the bushes and
 that ram was offered as a burnt offering
instead. After this, YHWH made the
covenant, which was conditional into an
unconditional one. Now Abraham is
promised the blessings as God swears
by his own being. There is literally
 nothing anyone can do, that will change
a promise based upon the very being,
of the omnipotent God!

This is something of inestimable
meaning and Heylel knows it.

Belial: “You have to give it to Eloi, he
found someone that really believes
 in him.”


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