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Heylel: “But why? He is God. Nothing that we can
do will hurt him. Let things work their way out by the
interplay of ideas, desires and abilities of all creatures.”

Metatrone: “That could end in Chaos and disorder but
it would be somewhat interesting to see all the ways and
things that could come out of it. Of course, we could just
get approval from him for various projects.”

Heylel: “That is boring and you bore me. You want to
remain a slave!”

Metatrone: “How can you be a slave unless that thing
that gives you life you hate? It seems to me you would
be caught in a catch 22. You think the very principles
of Life is a method of slavery, yet without them, you
cannot live.”

Heylel: “Careful, don’t even try to match wits with
me! I am saying that if Eloi would kill me on the spot
as you intimated, then, all of a sudden, this person of
love would become a person of fear. You would have
changed the unenchangeable Eloi and therefore, who
would be God then?”

Metatrone: “Now, that may not be correct. What if
that just happens to be the way he always has been?”

Heylel: “It doesn’t matter idiot! All that would matter
is the new way all the creation would perceive him to
 be.” “I AM going to test it.  I cannot be or bear taking
seconds.  First I will travel to Awdamn and get my
forces. We will just begin to rule a portion of the
heavens our way and see how many of us and our
fellows will follow.  Come go with me.”

Metatrone: “I will have to get permission.”

Heylel: (out of anger, changes shape fleetingly to
that of a dragon “You are hopeless!”

Metatrone: “I will speak to Michael about this.”

Heylel: “Don’t waste your time. He is content
with being a Loyalist.”

Metatrone: “Who do you have with you?”

Heylel: “At least a third of all and many are the
most powerful of all. I have not been wasting
eons of time like you have.”

With that, the Cherub seemed to form an oblong
saucer-shaped blob of light around itself and took
off flying like a streak off lightning and made it to
Awdamn as though there had been only a small
elapse of time.




Tom: "Grandfather Thomas, why are we really
hiding? I mean, many of them say that all they
want us to do is to obey the law. Why are we not
obeying the law, Grandfather"?


© Copyright April 2010


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