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Elohim called one man out of the east and
told him to leave his people and home and go
where God would instruct him. His name was
Abram. He left, not knowing where he was
 going but he obeyed Elohim.

Elohim made an agreement with Abram
 that if he would always obey him and love
the truth that Elohim would make him a
father of many nations and all nations would
 be blessed in him. Therefore, his name was
changed to Abraham. Many kings would
come out of this man.

Abraham had no children up and until he
became old and his wife was old, his wife
suggested that they have a surrogate child
through an Egyptian servant. He did so and
the child was a goodly child, and Abraham
 loved him.

Elohim said about the child, that he would
become a great nation. Twelve princes would
come out of him. However, God also said of
him, “And he will be a wild man, his hand will
be against every man and every man’s hand
against him.”

When the child was, a teenager Elohim further
told Abraham that he would have a child also
by his own wife.

At that time, there were costal twin cities
and associated cities that were full of wicked
men who had decided with support of Heylel
that they would change the rules of the man
and woman relationship God made and saw no
problem with doing it their way. They were so
evil that YHWH decided to remove them
from his sight.

YHWH decided that he was not going to destroy
Sodom without instructing Abraham about why
 he was destroying Sodom. This Abraham confirmed
his knowledge of the type of person God is by
questioning one at a time, if God would destroy
 the righteous with the wicked.

Abraham: “Shall not the judge of all the earth
do right? He asked.” What if there is fifty righteous
in the place?” That is far from you to destroy the
righteous with the wicked. You would not treat the
righteous just as if he is wicked. You are not
like that.”

YHWH: “If I find in Sodom Fifty righteous
within the city, then I will spare the entire
 place for their sakes.”

Abraham: “Maybe there lack five, would
you destroy it for the lack of five?”

YHWH: “I will not destroy it if there are
forty five righteous found there."

Abraham: “What if there is only forty?"

YHWH: “I will not do it for forty’s sake.”

Abraham begins appealing to YHWH that
he would not become angry with him for
continuing to ask him questions.

Abraham: “What if there is thirty?”

YHWH:“I will not do it if thirty be found there."


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