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Tom: “You’re kidding right?” Why do
Christians celebrate these days?”

Thomas: “Tom, sometimes people make
decisions that they feel like is the best of
a bad situation. We all do it to some degree
or another sometime in our lives. Long after
the death of the Apostles and even the younger
people that they trained to take their places,
 the church saw that the whole world celebrated
these at those times of the year and thought
that if they allowed them to keep the celebrations
and just named them after Christ, it would help
the world believe.” They sometimes just changed
the names on pagan statues of the pagan Madonna
with child to Mary and Jesus. I am afraid that did
not work out, as some hoped. Instead, the church
had a falling away from the truth and many began
to preach error and doctrines of men. Fables, as
the Apostles Paul called them.”

Thomas: “They turned away from the 7 feasts
that God taught Ancient Israel. Eight, if you
count the feast of the last great day. Those
Feasts painted eight main sections of a Giant
puzzle of God’s plan for the entire universe.
Now, instead of seeing and understanding
scripturally, the meanings of those feasts,
man is trying to force feasts that are pagan
at the core to fit God’s Plan."

Tom: “Like what, if I may ask.”

Thomas: “You may ask.” I know you are
a brilliant child, but I will keep it simple.
Many in the churches teach Jesus crucified
and buried about sundown Friday and that
He rose Sunday morning before sunrise."

Tom: “Yes, that is what the church we
use to attend taught.”

Thomas: “You know the story about Jonah
and the great Fish?"

Tom: "Of course Grandpa. That is elementary.”

Thomas and his grandson chuckled about
Tom’s retort.

Thomas: "Well, Jesus said that an evil and
adulterous generation would look for a sign but
no sign will be given it, except one."

Tom: "Ok, you got my attention, what is
the sign?”

Thomas: “Tom understand, this is the generation
as would be all others that ask for a sign because
no generation has been clean. “Jesus said that just
as Jonah was in the belly of that monster of the sea
for 3 days and three nights, so would he be buried
in the heart of the earth, three days and three nights.”
Now tell me do you see a problem with saying buried
Friday evening and raised before sunrise, Sunday?”

Tom:” you cannot get three days and three nights.”

Thomas: “True, what you get is a whole lot of silly
theories. Nevertheless, for those who believe Jesus,
 it is freedom, because they will know the truth and
the truth will have set them free. By understanding
this, much of what the church has fallen away from,
can be seen and restored.”

“Now listen carefully listen to the clear explanation
 you get from God."


© Copyright April 2010


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