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The truth be told, David knew he could
never be too far nor to close to Gina.
 He always told her that he was 200 miles
away, where his work took him several
times a year.  What would he say to her? 
 More importantly, he wondered if he would
ever be able to have his own life again. “I
Can just forget her and put the past in it
proper perspective, he surmised. "I just
have to get far away from here, he said
to himself.”

As he approached the shelter, he saw a
thin light shine across the property. He
knew that the officials were setting an
invisible trap. The laser light reflection
 system would be able to detect most
movements around the complex. Now
the authorities could leave and be sure
that they would detect where Thomas
Hankins were. They would video it
 when movement was detected. Allow
the subject to move around freely and
only later pick them up and everything
that they could find that would
 be left to support others.

Ted Talbert had once told him all
about how they operated. He even
gave David a pair of glasses that
could see the tiny non-lethal laser
 beams. From the hill above the
complex, he could see everything
but he had to plot a direction chart
in the dark with minimal use
 of light, or he would trip the trap
himself. On top of this problem,
David begins to wonder if he
should remove Gina and Tom
from the Compound.

David went into his backpack and
took a wide lens picture of the areas
 to enter and leave the complex. Now he
 went to a cave that he knew about close
by. He begins to plot distances and heights
of the beams, so he can avoid them.



Gina is setting alone as her father speaks to
her son. She is concerned about what will
happen to David. She thinks of the time she
and David was by the lake, before his mother
died. They had prayed and David thanked God
for having such a great wife and son. “How could
he change on me like that, she thought?” After
nearly 3 years, why am I still so concerned, she
complained to herself and what would dad think?”

Tom: “Mom says that Mother Mary was not only
Jesus’ Mom but is ours also.”

Thomas: “We should treat all women, especially
those who believe as mothers or sisters or daughters,
depending on their ages compared to your own.
Mary gave birth to our Lord and savior Jesus
Christ and his brothers and sisters."

Tom: “But doesn’t most of the church teach that
Mary had no other children?”

Thomas: “Yes they do Tom, but it is not correct.
You see, after the flood as men spread across the
earth, Satan started a cult of the Woman mother
of God and her child with one or the other or both
 with a halo around the head. She was the goddess
of fertility. Her child was supposed to be God. He
was both separate but the same as his father having
come back from the dead. Their celebrations were
on what we call Easter with bunny rabbits and eggs
 that represented fertility and around December 25th
when her child was supposed to be born.”


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