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Elohim therefore changed their language to
many and they could not understand each other.
They stopped working on the city and moved to
other areas of the earth.

Heylel at first seemed like he would breathe
fire, he was so angry, but afterward he and his
companions were laughing wildly.

Belial: “He had to cheat, he says, still laughing!”

Metatrone:“Maybe he is not playing our game.”

Beelzebub: “Spoil sport, he says to metatrone.”

Heylel: “It doesn’t matter; we will use the same
 Semiramis, Nimrod Template. We will just do it
in different languages. They will have different
names.”This should get quite interesting.
This only shows that we were wining too quickly
for Elohim and he wanted to slow things down but
the end results will be the same. Sometimes, I ponder
that if he really made me and did not somehow evolve
first and took advantage, how did he ever get himself
caught up in this free will dilemma?  I would never
have made such a mistake.” Maybe there is something
 else in his mind. Oh, how I would like to know!”

Then Heylel and his cronies went out and over time
carried out their plan even to the level of individuals.
They promoted fertility rites that men enjoyed very
much. They promoted Semiramis and Nimrod under
various names that were to become Baal, Ashtoreth,
Astarte, Adonis, Bel, Diana, Ishtar, Easter, Venus, Zeus,
Ra, Aphrodite and various sun and haloed-women
with child depictions. Nimrod appeared under his
 various names with halo also.

Physical love, blood and death was infused into the
 various iterations of the plan, wherever it could be
useful. Heylel would always say just tell the most
mysteriously-illogical story that you can and it
will work with man.



David heard that they were looking for Thomas
Hankins and he could not stop worrying about
what would happen to Gina and his son Tom. In
 the last two years after he became abusive, he
would only send support by friends of theirs to
Gina. As long as Mr. Hankins was around, he
knew all would be well with them. Now, how
long will it be before authorities find them? He
knew of the sophisticated equipment brought
to bear to find those that the government
wanted to find.

He could not sleep and he ate very little. It
was clear that he had to know how they were
doing. He got up out of bed that night and took
his bike. He knew that they would be monitoring
the GPS that was in his car. He had to ride 21 miles
to get to the shelter.


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