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Heylel: “We will also use what men can see
to keep this fresh in their minds. Nimrod must
die in the fall with vegetation. Semiramis must
get pregnant so that her child is born around
the Winter solstice. This will be the beginning
of the coming back of spring and the power of
the Sun God, Nimrod.”

Heylel: “Furthermore, they can believe in the
Zodiac but not as some see it now. If indeed the
Zodiac pictures the future, we will promote the
idea that it is the future of everyone according
to his or her date of birth.”

Metatrone: “Now, you are saying this will be a
template from now on. The signs that now match
with its month will change in coming ages. Men
will be able to see that.”

Heylel: “It won’t matter to them. They are not
logical but emotional. Once they have an emotional
bond with truth or error, it is almost impossible to
change them. We will make Semiramis very special. 
She will be called the Mother of God, The queen of
heaven, the Madonna with child. We will put a halo
around her head and she will be pictured with child."

Beelzebub: “I don’t get it. Why would we help
spread the idea of the mother that produces the
child that will destroy us?"

Belial: “Beelzebub, do men keep living after they
 die? This is what Heylel told the woman in the
Garden, that they would not surely die. Once the
people believe it, they are in effect calling God a
lie all over again,right to his face. To be able to
use Elohim’s own symbolism against him and
his dirt image is poetic justice."

Beelzebub: “Yes, I see and there are many more
possibilities. We can try different interpretations
of the Zodiac.  Since men don’t surely die in
this scenario, we can make sure he is punished
while he is dead, which is stupid but, I could
enjoy getting them to believe it.”

Nimrod became a mighty  hunter against the
Elohim. He begins to build his empire in Babel.
Not only did building cities make men safe from
 wild animals but also more important to Nimrod
is that it helped to draw to him the type men and
women for which he hunted. He destroyed whom
he needed to destroy and he gained the help of
those who adhered to him.

If his great grand father, Noah could save men
from a worldwide flood, he could build a tower
that could do three things. If it reached up to
heaven, it would be a symbol of man triumphing
over any flood, a symbol of unity and identification
 of everyone as one big family and a astrological
observatory to help promote exactly the ideas
Heylel wanted to see promoted.

The second member of the Elohim, YHWH, came
down to see the city and tower. The people were
as one, with the same language and purpose. That
purpose would serve only Heylel's plan. Opportunity
for  some great thing.


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