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Heylel in a meeting with his all his lieutenants
reveals his new concerns that his great plan to
corrupt the world once again.

Heylel: “I blame Noah for this. “Have you not
noticed how many of these beings actually believe
that women would actually produce a child that
will one day stomp on my head?

Belial: “Yeah, it’s everywhere. How can these
people believe that? Did not Eloi just put to death
over a billion of them in a flood? Elohim must
know that we will never allow one of those sand
images of his to become an adult without seeing
to it that he disobeys him.

Heylel: “I think he will kill them all to find just one
that obeys. However, there is another way of seeing
all this. Think about this. Adam was a certain set of
genetic material. What Elohim did was to make a
way for Adam to continue to live as a type by
reproducing himself. Therefore, it really does not
matter to him how many dies. He only needs one
to make it. I don’t see it ever happening and all the
rest of the beings in the universe are watching how
 he is using these dirt creatures and allowing each to
 die even though they know little."

"Now this Noah has a great grandson Nimrod. He is
 a man after my own heart. He has convinced the
people with my help that he can protect them from
any future flood. He also cannot believe that a real
loving God would destroy a planet. He has a wife
named Semiramis. She thinks that she is the
woman that will bear the child".

Beelzebub: “Sounds like they are at odds.”

Heylel: “Yes, She is also beautiful but unstable.

Heylel: “You see Elohim from the beginning of
the new Awdamn.”

Belial: “They call it earth now.”

Heylel: “Whatever! Since the beginning, Elohim told
them that there would be signs and markers in the
heavenly bodies as well as times of celebrations.”

Heylel: They see in the 12 signs of the Zodiac,
beginning with a virgin and ending with a
conquering Lion, the woman and her Child
triumphing over the snake and the dragon. This,
my companions, is a continual testimony that 
they use against us. Night and day, year to year,
they are showing this to their children.”

“This will become our template to show these
ignorantbeings who really is in charge. From
now until the end of this matter, Semiramis will
become the Mother with child. Nimrod will be the
Sun god. He will like that. His child will be himself
come back to life after his death.”


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