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Because of the generations of inbreeding,
offspring of these unions produced Giant people,
who became very famous. Some claimed to be
children of the Gods.

Metatrone: “I guess we have proven your point
Heylel. Everyone wants what you are offering. There
is literally only one family, on Awdamn, which
imitates the Elohim. Many of those who refused
to come with us seem completely surprised.

Heylel: “I wonder what Elohim is really thinking?
Their new world is now what they call corrupt and
we enjoyed corrupting it very much.

Belial: “I still remember that look on Cain’s face
when he killed Able.  Priceless!  I mean he didn’t
have a clue.  He had never seen death. That was
some of your best work.” Since that time, we have
proven that these dirt beings can believe just
about anything.

Belial: Just whisper into their minds information
 that we bring to pass or tell them about something
pass, present or future and when we are allowed to
make it happen, no one can tell them that they don’t
have some super gift, dead friend or God leading them

Beelzebub: “One thing bothers me though. Elohim
have only let them in on what is happening in hints.
 Yet he still allows them to die. He must have something
in mind. Can he be that easily defeated?”

Heylel: “He has defeated himself through free will. I
saw this the day I turned. As long as free will exists, he
cannot win. He knows that I know this and not one man
 have been born that has not committed what he calls an
error. They have all missed Eloi’s mark.”

“Now let’s go about and make sure no one obeys this
 Noah and see what Elohim will do”


Not one person that was alive, other than Noah’s
 immediate family, delivered himself or herself by
listening to his preaching for 120 years.

It rained 40 days and 40 nights. (Angels were involved
in this and the breaking up of the Earth’s crust and
the undergrounds fountains, so that all the earth and
mountains were covered with water.

There were structures that were seen flying around
that the world would today call UFOs they were
 controlled structures who manipulated the
atmosphere the geological event.

Only Noah and his family and the Animals that
 came to him survived, if water was not a natural
habitat for them.

After the flood, Elohim blessed Noah and his family.
He sent them some protection and they were fruitful
and multiplied. From these individuals the various
races sprang.  He made certain covenants with them.
One covenant is that never again will the earth be
destroyed by a flood.


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