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Bob: “When you think of the world as peaceful
as it is at this time? Don’t you feel just a little bit
foolish, with your apocalyptic conversation?” “I
 am tired of banging my head against a wall for
people who would rather see the old world beat
itself to death. I will not have to worry about it
because they are going to start sending all the
 rebels to four central areas of the US for

Jake Talbert: “Shadows of Auswich!

Bob: “No it is not!”

Jake Talbert: “I was not asking, I was just
stating a fact.”

Bob: “Jake, no one will ever believe those kinds
of lies. I have lost all respect for you.  I would
never participate in such but you must hate me
to suggest such things. Out of my sight, I will
not ever waste my time with you sick ones again.


Girl 1: “I am telling you that my brother was
taken into one of those central processing units,
the one in Vegas and now we cannot get any
information about him.”

Boy 1: “Well, my Mom was taken and was back
in a few days. It must be some secret stuff because
she won’t talk about it.”

Man 1: “I know what is happening. He said as he
stood on the corner I had two family members to
 go to the centers. The first one came back believing
in all the changes going on in the country and world.
 Before she went, she thought what is being done
 infringes on religious liberty. She now says it is great.
The other one is my uncle. When he disagreed with
her, he ended up in the center and we have not heard
from him since. Now my cousin, she, blames herself
but will say little about it.

“I think that they are doing something horrible to
those that are rocking the boat and will not conform
 to their ideological governance.”

Girl 1: “Are you saying that my brother is dead
or something?”

Man 1: “Or something!”



As people multiplied in numbers so did disobedience.
 The demonic spirit friends of Heylel found solace in
getting every person born to err. They would present
themselves as Gods, Angels, watchers, dead men or
every imaginable deception. This deceiving was
orchestrated by Heylel and the Hierarchical organization
 that he had formed.

Some Sons of Seth, Adam’s later son, began calling
upon God again but they later begin to mix with the
females of solitary generations of unbelievers. Many,
who were deceived and possessed by devils, went about
begetting as many children and wives as possible.


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