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You see Tom?  The genius of this was that no
one can know until he realizes that Rome, the
 fourth empire, would revive seven times as is
represented by the seven-headed beast of
Revelation. Now that it has arisen 6 times and
we are in the beginnings of the start of the seventh,
there is no reason anyone who wants to know the
truth, should be ignorant. Nothing else can fit this
 prophesied scenario since the beginning of man. This
is as history pre-engraved in a diamond stone, so no
one can logically claim there are many possible
meanings. One day man will behold this and shut
his mouth!”

“Right now, a purging will begin to take place. God will
bring men through fire, as gold is purified in a furnace.
He will then take the pure gold and they will take over
this planet with him.” This is the beginning of much
suffering. Now the labor pains must begin, but happiness
will be the end result, so don’t despair whatever happens.”

Tom: “Wow! This is where men are turned to super beings?
 I mean when Christ comes and saves us. Right! (Tom
says excitedly)

Thomas: “Right”, his grandfather said.

Tom: “Ok, but why do so many in churches teach that
we will be raptured and be in heaven when all the bad
stuff happens? Explain that, would you?”

Thomas: “Sheeeee, be quiet. This is the second stage
of their sweep. They hope to catch anyone they may
have missed unexpectedly.”

The Jack booted ones were back and looking
around constantly in the same area near
where they were hiding.

Thomas and the others thought that they might
 have been informed of the rumors that there was
 a secret compound or hiding place in that vicinity.
He also worried that his daughter’s ex husband
could be the source of the information. That
potential fact could really throw Gina for a loop.
She had never gotten over her first love.


Bob finishing his talk with Jake Talbert.

 Bob: “Oh yea Jake, “I was told to ask you if you
know where I could find Thomas Hankins. Do you
 know where he is?

Jake Talbert: “Of course, bobby but I would not tell
you. You haven’t a clue the damage that you could do
to the people that we both know and care about.”

Bob: “You have told me enough. If you know where
he is, he must be still in this area.”

Jake: “This is a big world Bobby, how do you
figure that?”

Bob: “You need to get out more, Jake, in order
to eliminate terroristic possibilities no one can
move very far without a complete trail of his
or her movements.”

Jake Talbert: “Bobby doesn’t it bother you that
all our freedoms are gradually being taken away in
the name of peace, safety and equality?” The people
in the old Soviet Union were told that all were equal
and the powers that were at the time went about trying
to make it so in outcomes. Making a serious attempt
to equalize outcomes, governments have to control
every aspect of all lives under its power. Even so, the
 people in power will never accept being just one of the
people with the limitations put on the ones being ruled.
They will change or ignore the rules as they see fit.”


© Copyright April 2010


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