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Gina: “Thanks Dad, Gina said smiling admiringly
 at her dad. Tom, It was prophesied more that 25
hundred ago by Daniel that at some stage of the Roman
empire a little horn would arise and be part of the empire,
do religious stuff, think to change times and laws of God.
This little horn concerned with religion, would continue
until the Lord comes and he would destroy the leaders of
this empire. Your Grandpa and I (she pauses for a moment
as she looks at her dad) now know that this empire and the
little horn has started the inquisition of believers as it
did once before.

Tom: “Yea, but as my mom used to say, how can you be
so sure that you are right and the many church
organizations and TV preachers are wrong? How
can you be so sure?”

Thomas: “Listen son. God says that his word is written
as line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little
there a little, so that they would stumble, fall, and be
broken, snared and taken. That means it is impossible
for none believers to believe or hold to the truth.”

Tom: “What is this line upon line thing?”

Thomas: “A line is a builder’s plumb bob, to
measure that…. (Tom finished the thought)

Tom:” That everything fits perfectly.” And the
precept means what?”

Thomas: “Think of precepts as Axioms, principles,
 the foundations on which all else must stand. “Together,
 this pictures the word as a building with all parts fitting
together like a puzzle. Like a puzzle, different parts
only fit in certain  places.”

“So you see Tom, if you are an unbeliever, you will
do like the many TV specials demonstrate unbelievers do.
You have seen it; they try to explain all the different
theories. They will look at what the many pagan beliefs
are and try to see where the Biblical thoughts may have
originated. You see, they stumble over the fact that
they don’t believe the word is really from God.”

“However, the believer knows the word is true even
 though he may not be able to understand it. Scripture
says that neither Daniel nor any one else at the time,
understood the meaning of many of his prophecies. It
was made know that at the time of the end, knowledge
will be greatly increased.”

“We are at the time of the end and true to his Word;
understanding and knowledge has greatly increased.
It is clear; God did not want people completely
understanding prophecy before the times had come.
If they had known, many would say that men tried to
make the prophecies come true and therefore they
became self-fulfilling prophecies.”

“Now listen to the precepts and understand. Only God
could have predicted that after several hundred years
of existence, the forth and last kingdom Daniel spoke
about would have melded with a religious leader, the
head of the Church. Or that this little horn would last
for many hundreds of years till the time of the end, that
it would change times of celebrations and laws of God
and also persecute God’s People. That her many daughters
 that sprang from her, who abhorred her excesses, would
one day cooperate with her again to the persecution of a
 final generation of Christians.” “You see, that prophecy
could only happen once and with one entity.


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