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Millions of years before our present earth existed


It was a time when powerful creatures ruled the universe. Creatures
whose brilliance Could be above the sun shinning in its strength,
 creatures with multiple faces and the power to take on different shapes.
Beautiful creatures full of knowledge and power and destined to play
a major role in the lives of us all and of the universe.

It was  a time of probation and the settling in of final decisions about
 all matters.  The powerful creature Heylel, speaking to a friend named
 Matatrone, seemed quite angry. 

Metatrone: “I really don’t understand why you are so fired up about it. 
 After all, they have been good to you.”

Heylel: “You don’t get it! That second one, there is no good reason that
I can think of why he exists. There can be but one Supreme Being. It
makes me contemplatethat there is some scheme that has been plotted.”

Metatrone: “Doesn’t it make you nervous to know that Eloi knows what
you are thinking?  You have more knowledge and understanding than
 me, or any of our companions. You have all of what the rest of us would
 be thrilled to embody.  Everyone stops to look when you are coming. 
 No one can make an entrance like you.  No one looks like you and everyone
 loves to hear the voice of your wise words. I don’t get it, I am quite
contented.  Maybe, he just wanted a companion.”

Heylel: “Perhaps, but wouldn’t it be better to speak to someone else,
you guys or me?  He came out from Eloi’s own substance, is not
 speaking to him like Eloi speaking to himself?”

Metatrone: “Why have you not enquired? I am sure he could give you
 the answer.”

Heylel: “I did. I was told that I would come to know it quite well. I
know it has to do with me. You see, I have made my decision. Eloi
claims to be love but in the same breath indicates that all life is
based upon him, what he thinks and says. What do you think he
would do if someone just decided to once and for all do what he
himself wanted to do or even better just did everything opposite
 from what he wants?”


Metatrone: “You would probably just cease to exist, on the spot!”


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