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Thomas: “Listen; there is no indication that to disobey God mean that your nature can change so that you can reproduce with an animal. No less is true about Angels. Their fall did not make them of the man kind. All things reproduce after its own kind."

Thomas: “From the very first, it has been the God’s purpose for man to be made in God’s image, after his likeness. In other words, the God kind, so that God would seek a Godly seed in Christ Jesus. All the References, including what many have called Solomon’s Key is about Yeshua the Messiah. Now, be reconciled with your
Father in your heart.”

 At this point Tabitha, goes up and grabs Thomas and laid her head in his chest as she cried.

 Tabitha: “Thank you so much. I don’t know why I couldn’t see it, at first."

Thomas: “The People here in town will hardly see any unusual flying crafts the rest of this month. Be prepared and just stick to the truth. We walk by faith and not by sight.”

 Tabitha: "There is a lady in the next town named Dana. Do you know who that is? I know that she has something to do with you that could be very dangerous. She knows that you are coming.”

Thomas: “Yes, she was my wife in my younger days.”

Tabitha: “There is a powerful man who is a wizard that she has partnered with. Please be careful. If God sees fit, I would like for you to come back through some day.”

 Thomas: “The blessings of God are on you all. Take care Tabitha!”

With that he left right then and there. He knew that if he stayed longer it only makes leaving his new friends a bit harder. Especially, Tabitha, who seemed to be more like the type of woman that always, eluded him.


HEYLEL AND YESHUA (a confrontation)

 Beelzebub: “Heylel, you were not allowed to kill him while he was a child. Do you really think you can trick him like you have all other dirt folk?”

 Heylel: “This is what I know. There would be no point in Eloi doing all this if he was going to make it impossible for Jesus to fail.  If that was the case, I would have proven my point would I not?"

 Heylel: “This only begotten Son of God was really made flesh. Unbelievable! Don’t you know what this means? He has all the weaknesses that other men have.”

Metatrone: "He has all the Strengths of Eloi also.”


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