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The spiritualist however, begins to prophesy.

Spiritualist: “This man is the great power of God. He is able to set these children free with only a word. Then she screamed even before Thomas could finish saying one sentence."

 Thomas: “Come out of her, you spirit of divination and do not enter back into her, I say by the authority of
Yeshua the messiah.”

 The woman went silent and unconscious.

Thomas: “What is her name?”

Tabitha: “Her name is Bethany.  I have too admit, this is becoming very confusing!”

Thomas: “I know now that I will be leaving tonight. Tell Bethany that this was done to her out of God’s love and not for rebuke alone.”

 “The First lie Satan told man was that God Lied when he said that we not only could but would surely die. That is that we really would be dead and not just the shedding of the flesh. The scripture says the dead knows not anything. Their love , their hatred, their envy, of which are all the reasons men say the dead refuse to go to the light, all ends at death. Further the scripture says, Neither have they any more a portion in ANYTHING that is done under
the sun, forever.”

 “The scripture asks, If a man dies, shall he live again?  You don’t have to live again if you never died. Because people really die and have nothing else they can do is the very reason there needed to be a resurrection.”

 “Therefore The Adversary has been using your misunderstanding of scripture and trying in every way to get you to call God a lie. In doing so, they have gotten a foot hold to keep you from being as productive as you could be.  These lies could even destroy many.”

 Thomas: “Tabitha, you have charged your Father in error. Adam was the son of God and so was Seth and those that began to call on the name of God.”

 “As Jesus told the Jews in the 8th chapter of St. John’s Gospel, two things. He told them that they were the Children of Abraham and he told them they were the Children of the Devil. The Devil plants his seed through the spreading of lies. Just like the first one that he ever told to man. Therefore Physical Children of Abraham
can be transformed into Children of the devil.”

 “Don’t be deceived, our fight in these days is not with FLESH AND BLOOD. No, it is not about a corruption of physical, flesh and blood seed. It is about Spiritual wickedness in high places.”

 Thomas: “Furthermore, as far as flesh is concerned, it is written, that, In Adam all die. This indicates that Adam is the father of all men and not just some. Scripture also says that all men are of one blood and that Angels are not male or female nor do they marry or are given in marriage. Some who have been misinformed have told you this was true of only the good Angels.”


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