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Thomas: “I have, already. I just left her house. Why don’t you go and tell her what happened to you today?”

 Rick: “But I would be Embarrassed, she had warned me."

Another man: “I’ll tell her about it. "

Rick: “In that case, I better tell her also. She might as well hear it from me.”

Thomas: "Go ahead, I think you have thought correctly.”

Thomas: "Oh my God, there is a lot of confusion here." (Thomas thinks to himself.)

He is trying to understand the best way to break the hold of ignorance on this community. He spends his time in a corner reading his Bible and praying.

 Thomas sat, ate, read the bible and prayed for about 3 hours. Nothing came to mind, so he left the restaurant, headed back to Tabitha’s house. It was after 5pm and the Sabbath would soon begin.

 Rick: “Mr. Thomas, Mr. Thomas Rick cried as he ran to catch up with him. Ms. Tabitha asked me if I would come get you to see the work.”  

 Thomas turned right around and went with him.

Tabitha and the spiritualist were dealing with a family whose twin daughters were killed by this locality’s worst
act of crime.

 Everyone had come to believe that the twins who were only 10 when they were killed did not make their way to the light and needed to know it was ok to let go. They had worked with the family for about 3 weeks and this night they would do a séance and try to free the twins. That is to help them to the light.

 Only what happened was the little cute faces changes to a big dark looking cow-like entity which chastised them about allowing Thomas to stay in town. Before Tabitha tried to send him away, the faces of the children reappeared.

 At this time Thomas arrived and spoke to them all.

Thomas: “I have not seen a community like this before. You are all caught up into confusion and misunderstanding.”

 Tabitha: “God told me that you were sent to help me. What are you doing? I asked you to not even try to tell these people to testify to things that they have not seen. These are things that they have seen.”

 Thomas: “Then my sister, if God indeed have told you this, doesn’t it make sense for you to listen, regardless of how you feel about it?”

 A number of the crowd that attended was clearly saying that Thomas’ statement made sense. Tabitha could see the wisdom in it also and did not say a word.

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