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Barb: “Rick you need help. I have known this young man since he was born. I know both his parents. I grew
 up with them.”

 Rick: “Don’t worry, I know you have to say that but I will save you.”

At that this Rick took the bars with his bare hands and literally ripped them away.

Thomas seeing this knew that man was not in his right mind and was not acting naturally. Neither could this be from
his normal strength.

 All of a sudden this Rick turned with the crossbars in his hands face Thomas.

Rick: “Now you will die Mr. Thomas.”

 He then tried to throw it with all his might at Thomas.

The whole assembly stopped and dropped straight down a foot away from Thomas and fell backwards,
without doing damage.

 Thomas: “In the name of Yeshua the messiah I command you to come out of him, Thomas demanded!”

 The man dropped to his knees and made the strangest of loud sounds. It sounded like it began with the noise of a
howling wolf and ended with a mixture of a mighty lion. The whole place trembled and shakes. Most of the
 people in Town notice the disturbance.

 Some people ran to the restaurant to see what had happened. Many people talked to each other some explaining what happened to others who were not there when it happened.

 Thomas: (talking to the owner and cook) “I see you have steak. I would like to have the 16 ounce, cooked
very well done.”

 The owner still shocked, just took the order and said nothing. In fact no one said anything. Now this Rick, although not a firm believer was known as a good guy who had taken to being a great help to Ms. Tabitha. While no one thought of him as a full fledged Christian, they thought of him as a learner of whom it would only be a matter of time.

 In the mean time, Rick got up and came over to Thomas with a peaceful but enquiring look on his face.

 Rick: “Mister, who are you? That was a demon that had a hold of me, right? I never had any thing like that to happen before. Ms. Tabitha had warned me that the Devil wanted me. You see, at rare times I have great temper flare up. It is all about when I feel that I have been disrespected. I know the man won, but he didn’t have to say that he won in spite of the fact he says, I cheated.  I am so sorry!”

 Rick: "Hey, Maybe you could come and help us tonight. There is a spiritualist here who believes in Christ and she is also trying to stop the works of Satan by helping to allow those who are dead to rest in peace. You need to
 speak to Ms. Tabitha.”
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