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Thomas: “There is a reason that I am here. I am not so sure what it is. Is there a place where I can go and eat and refresh myself?"

 Both Tabitha and Sally says in unison. “Right here!”

Thomas: “I think I would like to also see a little more of your town.”

Tabitha: “In that case, about three blocks west of here and one block north is a nice restaurant and hotel. When can we expect you back?”

 Thomas: “I think I will leave that up to Yeshua, my sister.”

Tabitha: “Very Well.”

Thomas headed toward the restaurant and on the way there he found a 20 dollar bill that was in plain site on the side walk because he had no money, otherwise.

 As he went he prayed.

Thomas: “Father, I know many, who believe these things, yet they have believed in your son Yeshua (Jesus) However, this is the first time that I have noticed how deceptive a wrong understanding of the Sons of God and the Nephilim can be. I perceive that the adversary have changed the focus of who are the Sons of God and who are the sons of the devil. They are looking for physical children while they are being conceived into a lie that threatens to transform them into the very children which they hate. It is the truth that sets us free.  It is true that many of the scriptures that refer to the spiritual children of the devil would fit almost as well if they were physical children. It is
also true that the concept of two becoming one is all through the scriptures but it relates to our LORD and
Savior and your Son Yeshua (Jesus)."

 Thomas: “Now I need your guidance Father. How can I deal with this without it all blowing up into a whole lot of confusion?”

 Thomas went to the restaurant still prayerful of this tricky situation. Obviously, Tabitha is someone that the community holds dear. On the other hand, misunderstanding had allowed the adversary an opening to deceive
 on all matters.

 As he walked through the door of the restaurant a huge mountain of a man was telling a lady that he would break through the crossbars protecting her, if she did not send out the gentleman who had run into the room with her. This woman, it was clear, ran the place.

 Lady owner (Barb): "Look Rick, you lost that pool game and the man has given you your money back anyway. What is your problem?"

 Rick: “Lady that man is a reptilian and will kill you. Didn’t you see him change before your eyes?”

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