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He awakened and headed to town understanding that normally you cannot find anyone by a first name only.
He entered the town and the first person he met, he questioned her.

 Thomas: “Hello Mame. May I ask your name?"

Lady Stranger: “I don’t know you. Why are you asking about my name?"

Thomas: “Well, actually I am looking for Tabitha, Thomas said.”

Lady Stranger: “My name is Sally. Come I will show you where Tabitha is.”

Thomas: (Saying to himself) “Jesus you never cease to amaze me.”

 Thomas: (Speaking to Sally) ”How long have you known that I was coming?”

Sally: “Since last week. I had a dream that a man named Thomas would meet me and ask all those things that you did and that I should take you to see Tabitha.”

 Sally: “So, come this way Mr. Thomas.” (As she leads him away.)

 As they entered Tabitha’s place, Thomas all of a sudden, began to perceive that something was indeed wrong. The Adversary had taken great heed to this home.

 Tabitha: “Come in Mr. Thomas. It has been made known to me that you would come and help me. I will therefore get to the point immediately; I know you are a busy man.”

 Tabitha: "For some reason this area seems to be one where the devil has trapped many spirits of good and bad people alike. They are not being allowed to rest. The Nephilim has also made a base here.”

 Tabitha: “You do know what the Nephilim are, don’t you Mr. Thomas? My Father was a 33rd degree Mason. I come to know that truth about the Masons and it broke my heart. I am not over it yet. I loved my dad and he seemed to be a great and good man. Then over the years, I learned the truth.  So you see, Mr. Thomas I know why I am so sickly.
I may die of a broken heart.”

 Tabitha: “Anyway, I have seen some of the Giants in the woods and I also have a couple of clients, women that have been abducted to become wives to this latter day crop of fallen Angels. I cannot do this alone and so
I think it maybe the reason that you were sent.”

 Thomas: “I know about the things of which you speak but have a different understanding concerning them.”

 Tabitha: “Mr. Thomas, I hope you are not one of those people who think that a woman cannot have a ministry from God or is some how deficient in understanding. The things of which I testify about are things that I have seen with my very eyes. As the word says, we should testify to things that we have seen.”

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