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Ted: "What is it Bob"? "Did they decide to
feed him to the lions after all"?

Bob: "Yes I would not quite put it that way
but yes they are Ted. Like your dad has always
said they've made his dissidence a capital offence".

Ted: "Now look, that's not funny. I mean, I don't
have a lot of symphony for his beliefs. But he is
my dad. Certainly I would have heard about this,
wouldn't I"?

Bob: "No, I don't think so. It came straight from

Ted: "I'll call her, ah, She'll tell me. We are
practically dating
I mean, when we have time".

Bob: "No, don't call. I believe the reason she
called me and not you is because she believed it
was the safest route. Everything coming and going
to and from the central office are being monitored.
I bet that she's afraid to. She wanted me to find you
and inform you. We are to wait for her to contact us".

Ted: "I Can't sit here and just allow them to kill my
dad. Bob, what's going on? Can you tell me what's
really is going on? Maybe this is a dream and I will
wake up any minute now".

He said looking at Bob's picture. Bob looking at a
picture of him.

Ted just shook his head and said. "I'm afraid it's a
nightmare of which none of us will awake".



The voice was crying out Gina.

David: "Gina, Tom, Thomas, it's me".

Gina couldn't get her voice to work. "sss..sss.."

Thomas calling back to David. "There's a lead
road to the left of the door if you are facing it.
I never showed you how it works. Pull up on
the leaver six times, wait 10 seconds, do it again
then one final time and you will be looking into
our face".

David: "Ohhhh, I get it, six, six and six. No one
else would have thought of that".

Thomas: "That was kind of the point".

Gina: "You two just picking up where you left
your last conversation. If I'm not mistaken it's
been more than two and a half years".

No answer to the comment.

David: "Gina, Tom, I guess I have no right. I
mean I left you when you were 10 Tom, and letters
are never enough".

Tom: "Dad, I'm just glad your here. I have so many
things to tell you. You won't believe the things I have
learned from grandpa".

David: "Oh yes I would".

Then he and Gina looked at each other. They had
been avoiding eye contact.



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