Make Millions

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Heylel and his fellows plotted how
they would time each event, that they
would cause in Jobs life. It would come
to him like a series of rapid punches to
his most venerable places. This usually
assures a knockout if the punches are
powerfully effective. Heylel knew that
he and his team of cronies could make
them exactly that.

A day came when Jobs sons and
daughters were eating and drinking
wine at their elder brothers house
Heylel and his team had convince
Sabeans that they could carry out a
great robbery and get riches without
consequences. About 500 of the Sabeans
descended on Jobs servants who kept
his asses and did his farming. They killed
all the servants and took the plowing
oxen and asses. Only one servant escaped.
A messenger fled to find Job.

Heylel and his cronies caused differences
in electric charges to take place in the air,
and on the ground. They caused directed
electric beams to destroy targets and timed
it exactly to fit Heylels plan.

Heylel had Belial who would one day become
leader of the Chaldean to convince them before
time that a plot by the Sabeans would happen
and therefore would be a good diversion for
them to carry out GRAND THEFT CAMEL

Messenger 1: "The oxen were plowing, the asses
feeding beside them and Sabeans came and
killed all your servants there and took off. I
am the only one that escaped. Now before he
finished speaking another messenger arrived."

Messenger 2: "The fire of God is falling from
heaven and burned up the sheep, your servants
and consumed them. I escaped alone to tell you.
And before he could finish speaking another
messenger arrived."

Now Heylel the Satan was busy causing destruction
that was sure to devastate Job. He manipulated the
weather in a way that only a super being could. Using
it as his very own weapon of mass destruction.

 Messenger 3: Cutting in on the continued chatter of
the others. "The Chaldeans made out 3 bands and have
killed your servants and taken your 3,000 camels I am
the only one left alive to inform you."

Heylel after conducting some supernatural atmospheric
gathers near by Job with his top cronies to await the final
knockout blow. Then he and many of his fellow beings
hovered around Job invisibly. They dare not miss the
fruit of their labor.

Before the third messenger had finished talking, a
fourth arrived. 


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