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One might think that the Bible should be studied like any other book. This would seem to be a no brainer for almost anyone. The truth is the way many people study the Bible, reading a little part (verse) at a time, it is a wonder they ever learn anything much. I mean a person comes to a class to learn mechanics and tells the instructor that he read a verse each day out of the 700 page mechanic book. Will that person ever learn how to be a mechanic like that? Not in this life.

But with the Bible there is something else going on. The Book was caused to be written by the grandest and most brilliant mind in the universe. It was written so that it was not fully understood by Satan and NO MAN can understand without the aid of God. But when you understand, you will be able to show the logic and truth in such a way that it cannot be refuted with any logic.

It is still nevertheless true that there are a diversity of ways people even who claim to be Christians look at scripture. Like most professing believers you may see the Bible as the final answer to all questions. Others think of it as just a good book. Is there any logical guide to knowing how to study the Bible, you might ask?

Well, letís look at a couple of things that will determine what is logically to be done.
1. If the Bible is just a good book among other good books, then it is up to everyone to take what they believe is good and throw away the rest. You run into these type people every day. Obama is one of these people and he is leading a rather large group of people who feel the same way he does. This I have found generally comes from disrespect for both God and the Bible which they never understood.

2. If the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, then we have no justification to do number 1 above. We must then try to determine what is really stated, believe it and do accordingly.

Number one above needs no commentary. It just indicates that each and every person can and should do whatever it is that they think best. Number two on the other hand would require us to see what it is God has stated about the matter. If we make statements that contradict what God says, we would be logically considered wrong. Almost everyone knows people whose interpretation is diametrically opposed to that of another zealous person. Being zealous is not the same as being correct or of being honest.

Here are a few ways to end any particular or potential conflict with God.

(A) Understand the Spirit of God is not confused. It does not tell one person one thing and lead another person to the opposite opinion.

(B) Be honest, you know if your thoughts have been proven or if it is just your choice.

Understand as the apostle Peter did, Godís Word is of no private interpretation. In spite of our American rights and the Freedom given by God, we have no right to be wrong just because we prefer it. Otherwise, no one should ever be held guilty of anything.

(D) The Word of God, according to YHVH himself, is written Line upon line precept upon precept, line upon line precept upon precept. Here a little and there a little. That is like a puzzle. God did it intentionally, so that those that are not honest in their search cannot understand it. They will, "stumble and fall and be broken and snared and taken," as the prophet finished explaining. (Isaiah 28 chapter) verses, 1-

Even Jesus, contrary to what some think, told parables that fit that statement by the prophet. When asked by his disciples why he spoke to the people in parables? Yeshua told them that, "It was given to them (the disciples) to understand", but not to some others. Luke 8: 10, puts it this way. And he said, ďUnto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.

In other words his Parables were spoken as a riddle to fool or lead deceivers in an illogical and silly understanding.

You see a person that really believes God has spoken is careful to make sure they are not just shopping for their preferences but takes the different puzzle pieces about any given matter and keep arranging them until they fit perfectly. Puzzle pieces do not need to be force fitted but is as exact as a plumber's line. It also must be done so there are no contradictory concepts and all the Word of God agrees.

Much as in true science, it must be built upon logic. Come let us reason together, scripture says.

Now, letís look at Isaiah 28:10 again. It will be the method I use in my articles. This will often set what I write apart from traditions that have been passed down to us.

For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:


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